Friday, May 15, 2015

7 Quick Takes

1.  May is Mary's month and here are just a few flowers that I love to cultivate to celebrate her special feast days in May.



Rose -- This one is climbing.

2.  This past week we celebrated one of my favorite feasts -- that of Our Lady of Fatima, which you can read about in my piece, The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and the Three Prophetic Secrets.

3.  This week we also celebrated the feast of a humble and charitable Franciscan Capuchin friar, who had a deep devotion to Mother Mary, St. Ignatius of Laconi.

4. It has been "monsoon" season here, but earlier this week we had a break in the rain and were able to pick the first "fruits" of our labor -- radishes. Praise God! There is nothing as tasty as fresh veggies from the garden.

5. Even our cat was happy to get out of the house and enjoy a sunshiny day on her private balcony. Doesn't she look content? 

6.  If you are a catfish lover, and are looking for a tasty baked recipe, here is a new one I tested out this past week that you might enjoy. I certainly did!

7.  Today is the feast of St. Isidore the Farmer, the patron of the patron of farmers, peasants, day laborers, and rural communities. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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