Friday, August 28, 2015

7QT: Beauty, Books,and Saints

1. This has been a super-busy week as I continue to blog daily and to work on my second book. Here is also what I have been doing.

2. Enjoying nature and nature walks. Last week it was in the upper 70's, so we took a walk on my favorite trail. 

3. Making friends with the wildlife on the trail:

4. Enjoying the beauty of God's work in my own yard:

5. Reading about some of my favorite saints:

Read my brief review at Goodreads. And, while you are there, be sure to friend and follow me.

6. Happy Feast of St. Augustine! His mother, St. Monica is a wonderful model of evangelization, while St. Augustine is an illustrious theologian, bishop, and Doctor of the Church.

7. Mark your calendars! The Fast4Francis novena for the pope's visit to the USA starts September 18th. 

Have a wonderful weekend and a great week! :)


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Photos copyright Jean M. Heimann 2015

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