Friday, January 29, 2016

7 QT: Spiritual and Corporal Conditioning

1.  2016 is off to a healthy start! I have been working out at the gym daily, have been eating healthier, and have already lost five pounds!

2. Here is one example of the healthier meals I have been eating: baked cod fish, baked sweet potato fries, and a tossed salad sans dessert. I have increased the amount of veggies and seafood in my diet and reduced the amount of sugar I consume.

3. Lent is less than two weeks away! I am already beginning a list of Lenten books and devotionals for that time. I need to re-read the Life of St. Teresa of Avila and am currently reading the Autobiography of Blessed Dina Belanger. I will be using my Lenten Magnificat as a devotional. I am still deciding on the activity I will be performing this Lent.

4. I have been unbelievably busy as I work on self-publishing my new book, which I hope to release in March. This has been my main writing project. I will keep you informed on its progress. I think you may be a bit surprised by the genre.

5.  This past week, I wrote and posted about some of my favorite saints: St. Agnes of Rome, Model of Charity, The Conversion of St. Paul, St. Angela Merici, and St. Thomas Aquinas.

6.  Today we celebrate the feast of St. Gildas, a sixth century British monk who is  the patron of churches and monasteries in France and other locations. He is regarded as the earliest British historian.

7.  I will leave you with this video by Fr. Robert Barron:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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