Friday, April 22, 2016

7 Quick Takes: A New Book!

1.  The most important item on my Quick Takes List is this (drum roll):

Coming May 13, on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, my new book, Learning to Love With the Saints a Spiritual Memoir.  Stay tuned for my Book Blog Tour which runs from May 13 - 23.
2. The second most important item on my agenda is a garage sale this coming week. I have a variety of items that I am getting ready for the sale.  I enjoy garage sales, even if they don't include the mystery that Hallmark adds to them. It's fun meeting new folks and sharing small "treasures" with them.

3. What have I been reading lately?  Some wonderful books, including:

33 Days to Merciful Love: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Divine Mercy by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC
How To Be Holy: First Steps In Becoming A Saint by Peter Kreeft
The Four Keys to Everlasting Love by Karee Santos and Manuel P. Santos, MD

I highly recommend all three!

4. This past week we have celebrated the lives of some wonderful saints:

5.  Saturday, April 23 is the feast of St. George, martyr, the patron of soldiers.

6. Spring is the mating season, which is why I am posting this photo entitled, "April Love". I found these love birds on the front lawn. When I tried to take their picture, they ventured out into the street.

Here is a close-up I managed to get of the male mallard. Isn't he striking? 

7. Easter is the season of joy and the other day I decided to jot down a few thoughts about "The Virtue of Joy".

Have a wonderful weekend!

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All images copyright Jean M. Heimann 2016.


AnneMarie said...

Congratulations on the book! That is so wonderful!!!
I love the picture of the "love birds," it's so cute :)

David Torkington said...

Congratulations Jean...

Jean Heimann said...

Thank you, AnneMarie and David!

God bless you!