Friday, April 01, 2016

7 Quick Takes: Spring, Divine Mercy, Mother Angelica

1. Spring is my favorite season. It speaks of new life. To enjoy the beauty of spring, my dear husband Bill and I visited the Botanical Gardens in Wichita. Here are just a few of the living, growing things we saw there:

2. Here is "Granny Jean", about to visit her Tree House in the children's section of Botanica:

As you can tell, it was a windy day, but the temperature was comfortable.

3.  I hope you have been praying the Divine Mercy Novena with me. Bill and I will be making our Divine Mercy consecration this Divine Mercy Sunday, based on Fr. Gaitley's excellent book, 33 Days to Merciful Love.

4.  This coming Sunday, March 27 is Divine Mercy Sunday, a very important day. Matthew Coffin at Big C Catholics writes about the great graces we can receive on this day, as well as the plenary indulgence that we can attain in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

5. Mother Angelica has been a big influence on me over the years in my ongoing conversion, as well as my blogging and writing. I write about it in my article "Three Lessons Mother Angelica Taught Me" 

6.  I was particularly touched by U.S. Representative Chris Smith's (R-NJ) memories of Mother Angelica.

7. We are enjoying a beautiful and blessed Easter Season here and I wish all of you the same.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Photos copyright Jean M. Heimann March 2016.

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