Operation Rescue Calls for Murder Prosecutions In Hialeah Baby Death

Hialeah, FL - Sep 18, 2006 Operation Rescue is calling for the prosecution for murder of three abortion clinic workers in the death of a premature baby born alive during an abortion at A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center in Hialeah, Florida.

According to reports, an 18-year old woman reported to A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center on July 19, 2006, began a second-trimester abortion. The woman was sent home, but returned to the clinic the next day to finish the abortion but complained that she did not feel well. She was placed in a recovery room to await the doctor, who never arrived. The woman apparently delivered a live baby girl, who gasped for air for five minutes while clinic workers shrieked.
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  1. I am relieved to read they are not going to let them get away with murder.


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