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"I think a deeply believing person would never go to the concert. This lady ... plays with religious symbols, and I think it's not only a matter of financial advancement of her production but it's also a kind of attempt to justify and sanctify her message and her sins, using something holy."

~ the Rev. Vsevolod Chaplin, a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, speaking about Madonna's concert in Moscow last night


  1. Apparantly she's been irreverantly making the Sign of the Cross while performing on stage too....and it had the rather adverse effect of a priest who heard of it getting riled up and staging a bomb hoax to ensure that one of her concerts in France, couldn't go ahead!

    I don't agree with the actions of the priest either, but I can understand his anger!

  2. Ah! At last! I get to see what it looks like. Ordinarily, I simply won't click on news links about Madonna. I don't want Yahoo tallying it up, thinking that she's more important to our world than she is.

    Honestly, she just looks kind of silly. Just another aging Baby Boomer with Issues about the Church.

    I, too, understand the anger. But as this is the ONLY part of Madonna's image that she has not changed over the years, there's obviously a payoff for her in mocking the Catholic Church. The best course, then, is to probably ignore her!


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