Weekend Jokes

A preacher and a priest were fishing in a pond near a country road.

The preacher's car was parked by the side of the road with a hand lettered sign reading: "Turn around or face destruction!"

An atheist drove down the road, seeing the sign, shook his fist at the two fishing and yelled, "Keep your religious claptrap to yourselves!"

He floored the accelerator and about 30 seconds later a large splash was heard by the two clergymen.

The priest looked at the preacher and said, "Do you think we should have written "Bridge Out" instead?
A woman immigrates from Eastern Europe, but upon arriving in America, she discovers that she's having trouble with her eyes. The people she's staying with take her to an optometrist, who has her look at an eye chart, which reads "C Z R T J Y L S P D X." "Can you read it?" the eye doctor asks. "Read it!?" says the incredulous lady. "She's my neighbor!"


  1. LOL!!

    THanks for the humor! We need more of it. At least I do.


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