Sarah Palin: A Few Words, Photos, Posts, and Links

Sarah Palin is a woman who seemingly has it all -- beauty, brains, confidence, courage, grace, high morals, strength, wit, and a loving and supportive family. It's no wonder the left (the culture of death) feels so threatened by her -- the fear, the jealousy, and the judgementalism in the media, the blogs, and even among the Hollywood celebrities -- is exploding. Sarah has been blessed in so many ways, and, in turn, has blessed others with her gifts. She is like many women out there, who give so much of themselves to their families and to their jobs. She admits that like many families today, hers is not perfect -- they have trials just like everyone else. But what is different about Sarah is the way she handles trials and adversity -- that is the essence of being a winner.

First of all, she has her Christian faith, which provides her with moral guidelines and inner strength. Second, it's obvious that she lives out her faith in her life. Today, when 80% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted, Sarah gave life to her child. For her, abortion was never an option. Third, when her daughter, Bristol, becomes pregnant -- she deals with it in a Christian way -- she doesn't try to hide it, but is open and honest about it. She successfully shrugs off the guilt the opposition tries to weigh her down with and moves on. She loves her daughter, Bristol, forgives her, and embraces new life.

Unlike others in politics, who often tend to be self-serving, Sarah is self-giving. Unlike others in politics who are dishonest, she tells the truth. Unlike others in politics who live out their lies, she lives out the truth. It's no wonder she seems so joyful! Yes, I admire this lady -- and not just a little.

Favorite Sarah Palin Posts/ Links:

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Spay the bitch! by Fr. Philip Neri Powell, O.P., Ph.D. at Domine, da mihi hanc aquam

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  1. She is a real breath of fresh air.

  2. Jean, as always incisive and cogent...She is the One we have been waiting for.

    We now need our fellow Catholics (not the Pelosi-Sebelius-Kmeic crowd) to rally around this candidate and this ticket.

    My understanding is that since 60' the Catholic vote majority always goes for the winner (with the exception of Gore 00' by 1%, losing in the electoral college)

    Prior to her speech I was praying to my repetoire of Saints and the Holy Mother...placing a picture of the Infant Jesus of Prague which St. Therese prayed to daily, my family's personal benediction frame from Paul VI and an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (which Mac visited in DF) next to the tv prior to Palin's speech on Wednesday night.

    Her command, her presence on stage was, frankly, Reaganesque...she is the embodiment of Teddy Roosevelt, Maggie Thatcher, Annie Oakley and Wonder Woman all rolled into One!!!

  3. I stumbled across a blog with a YouTube video of Palin speaking at her Church- it's pretty awesome.


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