Bizarre: Male Planned Parenthood employee dresses as “pregnant nun” for Halloween safe sex bash

Who is this man who dresses as a nun by night for a safe sex bash and scares little children by day while facilitating the dismemberment of their peers inside the walls of PP’s “Sarasota Health Center”?

The Sarasota Observer online features a picture of PP employee Jared Wilson, who took a shot at the Catholic faith by donning a large crucifix and habit and holding his “pregnant belly” for a photo feature. (He’s in the next-to-last photo on the linked page.)

According to Jim Styer, who leads prayer vigils at the Sarasota PP facility, Wilson often screamed at those praying outside the facility during 40 Days for Life, including a 6-year-old child.

 The Sarasota Herald-Tribune could not stop singing the praises of the PP safe sex party, saying, “[T]his event has set the standard by which all Halloween parties will be measured!”

Wouldn't you just love to have someone like this providing sex education to your child? What a wonderful model of high standards and morals for your child to emulate...He's screaming at children during the day, bashing the Catholic faith by night, promoting and facilitating the murder of innocent babies, but he's practicing 'safe sex'...WOW! What a "man"!


  1. Here is a story I posted ! Trick: Planned Parenthood’s sicko Halloween Costume List or Treat: My list -

  2. Catholic bashing is always in style. Let that be a costume representing some other type of religion's order and...


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