Jean Heimann,
blogger and author
The Catholic Fire blog was created by Jean Heimann, who maintained it here on Google's Blogger platform for many years before moving to a WordPress site (which doubled as an author site for her books) at the end of 2016. There she continued blogging under the Catholic Fire banner until early in 2019, when the sudden death of Jean's beloved husband, Bill, and a precipitous decline in her own health made it impossible for her to continue.

Having designed and maintained Jean's WordPress site, when I learned of Jean's retirement from blogging I decided to restore her old Catholic Fire blog here on Blogger and to give it a fresh lick of paint to make it resemble her newer WordPress blog design. Fifteen years of Jean's blog posts remain available here on this site. If there is a saint or a feast day you'd like to learn more about, use the search widget -- there is bound to be something here on the subject!

I'm also keeping information on Jean's books here -- just click the Books tab for more information. The are available on Amazon and through other booksellers.

If time allows, I'd like to continue the Catholic Fire blog to explore the implications of the quote from Saint Catherine of Siena that has inspired Jean all these years: "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!" This idea applies to you and to me and to every Christian. As the world seems to grow darker every day, let us each undertake the challenge to become what we should be, so that through us God can set the world on fire!


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