Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lumen Christi Award

Thank you, Esther, for this award, which is both an honor and a blessing!

Here are the rules if you accept this award. You need to do these things:

1) Name your favorite saint, and why.
2) Name your favorite part of the Mass, and why.
3) Name your favorite part about being a Catholic.

1.  Sorry, but I can't limit this to just one, but I will try to limit it as best as I can. My favorite female saints are two Doctors of the Church: St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Catherine of Siena. They have both been powerful intercessors for me and I admire each of them for the contributions they have made to the Church. St. Therese is noted for her Little Way, which is a simple way of obtaining sanctity for the average person. I love St. Catherine of Siena (who is my Confirmation saint) for her strong and courageous spirit and her great love for the Church. Both saints teach us what love is all about and both were humble, holy, and on fire for the Lord.

2.  My favorite part of the Mass is the Consecration because this is when the bread and wine is changed into Christ's body and blood through the miracle of transubstantiation. This is the holiest moment of the entire Mass.

3.  My favorite part about being a Catholic is knowing the Truth, living the Truth, and sharing the Truth.

In turn I nominate the following bloggers:

1. Leticia
2. Diane 
4.Teófilo de Jesús
5. Jessica

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Leticia said...

Thank you Jean I am honored!