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Encouraging Message on Terri Here is an encouraging message I just received on Terri Schiavo. To all my dear Catholic friends... On Friday, Father Thomas Euteneuer President of Human Life International in Va came down to Hospice and led us in prayer outside Hospice, in the pouring rain. With all the umbrellas, dark clouds and rain, rosaries swaying in the wind it looked a lot like Fatima and in fact I told Father that as I drove him back to pick up his car. But during the prayer, as the hour of 3:00 approached and we were preparing to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the rain became torrential and we huddled closer trying to keep dry - it almost seemed like great tears were falling from heaven. Father then consecrated the building to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and bound all those inside to her Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus so that no evil would befall Terri. He then blessed the rain as it fell, to make it holy water - and wash the evil from the Hospice bldg. Some of
Latest Information on Terri I have returned from Lenten retreat at the monastery and am encouraged to hear that Terri has been given at least another three weeks of life, but know that this struggle in the culture of death is far from over. Here is the latest news on Terri from Hyscience : via email from fight4terri . Please send an email to Amnesty International on behalf of Terri Schindler-Schiavo and ask for their intervention in saving this woman from a death by torture. Pass this email to get the word out that it is apparent in the state of Florida that they do not value the life of disabled Americans. Time is running out for Terri Schindler-Schiavo as Judge Greer has set a deadline of March 18 to commence starving and dehydrating Terri by the request of her self-serving estranged husband. Should Terri be tortured to death per the actions of Pinellas County Florida circuit court, this could set a precedence for euthanizing disabled American men, women and children....espec
Parents of Terri Schiavo Granted A Stay-Terri will continue to be fed for the next 48 hours The following is a statement from National Right to Life and Illinois Federation for Right to Life in response to the stay granted today by Circuit Court Judge George Greer and can be attributed to Lori Kehoe, Congressional Liaison for NRLC's Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics: Although we are relieved to know that Terri Schiavo will continue to be fed for the next 48 hours, the stay Is only temporary and her life Is still very much at risk. National Right to Life Is urging all citizens of Florida to take action Immediately by contacting their state senators and house members to request support of HB 701. We are hopeful that the Florida legislature will act to prevent Terri from suffering a painful death by starvation and we pray that Terri's parents will finally be allowed to care for their daughter.Florida state legislators can be identified at . More informat
Update on Terri Liza Fabrizio has written an excellent article entitled Terry Schiavo and the Soul of America at WorldNet Daily.
Suffering "God whispers in our pleasures but shouts in our pains. Pain is His megaphone to rouse a dulled world." ~ C.S. Lewis "Praying together with the one who suffers is the just response to the suffering. The cruelest response to suffering is the attempt to explain it away, to tell the one who suffers: "This is why this is happening. I'm sorry that you can't see the answer, but it's clear to me." ~ Msgr. Lorenzo Albacette When Suffering Is Sweet "It has come to this, that I can no longer suffer because all suffering is sweet. Besides, it is a mistake to worry as to what trouble may be in store; it is like meddling with God's work. We who run in the way of love must never allow ourselves to be disturbed by anything. If I did not simply suffer from one moment to another, it would be impossible for me to be patient; but I look only at the present moment forget the past; and I take good care not to forestall the future. When we yi
Terri Schiavo is About to be Murdered -- We Must Speak up for her & Persevere in Prayer If we don't speak up, fight for and protect the rights of those who are most vulnerable in our society, who will? If we don't act on Terri's behalf, who will? If we don't pray for Teri, who will? We cannot allow the Michael Schiavo's of this world to kill our disabled. You and I are the ones who need to act to stop this evil, immoral behavior before it spreads like wildfire. Terri Schindler - Schiavo's life is on the line. The court ruled today to stop the removal for at least one day, but that could only mean one day! If that happens then only thing that may save her might be action by Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Governor Bush has already fought to save Terri's life. The last time her feeding tube was removed he stepped in and snatched her back from the brink of death. The Florida legislature even passed a special law--"Terri's Law"--to give him t
Update on Terri Despite media reports to the contrary, Terri's life continues to be in danger. There is no stay. Please find the updated information on Terri here. We must continue to pray and fast for her, as Michael Schiavo is intent on killing her.
What Crime Has Terri Committed? What crime has Terri Schindler-Schiavo committed that she should receive the sentence of being starved to death by the Florida court system? She has reportedly been a good wife, a devoted Catholic, a loving and compassionate family member. Who is her guardian? A callous man who physically abused her and may have even caused her current condition (as reported by her father on The World Over Live on EWTN, February 18, 2005), has reacted in a violent manner toward her sister, and has a common law wife with two children by her. He is someone who has used the money that was to be spent on Terri’s medical care to pay for his lawyers in order to have her put to death. Why does the Florida court system not allow her to be cared for by a family who loves her and wants her to remain alive? Why is Michael Schiavo not being judged and sentenced by the courts for his abusive behavior and for his bigotry? Why is he allowed to remain her guardian when he does not
Prayer for Terri Schiavo Merciful Father, you blessed Sr. Lucia of Fatima as a child with a vision of the Virgin Mary, and granted her the grace to live a life of holiness and heroic obedience to Holy Mother Church. By her life she bore witness to the glory of God. Grant, in this hour of need for your daughter Terri Schiavo, that by Sr. Lucia's intercession, those souls hardened by the culture of death may come to believe in the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and be moved to revere and protect her life and all innocent human life. Amen.
US Supreme Court to Consider Petition to Reverse Abortion Law Roe v Wade on February 18 ( ) On Friday, the US Supreme Court is currently docketed to have an internal, private discussion conference on how to handle a petition to reverse Roe v. Wade. Operation Outcry, the group which launched the petition, is comprised of Norma McCorvey, the former Roe of Roe v. Wade and Sandra Cano, the former Doe of Doe v. Bolton, and the staff of The Justice Foundation, the attorneys representing both of them and the post-abortive witnesses of Operation Outcry: Silent No More. On January 14, the petition to reverse Roe v. Wade was filed with the United States Supreme Court. It was received by the United States Supreme Court on January 19. On January 17, Martin Luther King's birthday, Norma McCorvey and Allan Parker appeared on Hannity & Colmes to announce the filing. On January 18, a press conference with Norma, Sandra, and the ladies of Operation Outcry: Silent No More,
The Importance of Prayer "He who prays is saved; and he who does not pray is damned." "If you pray, you are positive of saving your soul. If you do not pray, you are just as positive of losing your soul. " ~ St. Alphonsus Liguori "If we pray, we will believe; If we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve." "Pray. Prayer is the way to listen to God, to speak with Him, to understand His love for us. " ~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
A Novena for the Conversion of Michael Schiavo Oh Lord of eternal compassion and mercy, by the words your Son has taught us, “I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” (Mt 6:43) grant we beseech Thee to hear the prayers we offer in this novena for the conversion of Michael Schiavo. As in all things, may it be done according to Your Holy Will. Glory be... Let Us Pray.... O, God, Lord of Life, We bring before You, the life and soul of Michael Schiavo, Whom You have redeemed by Your Precious Blood. Mindful of Your boundless mercy, O Lord, We beg You to grant Michael The grace to know You and desire You with his whole heart So that in this desiring, he may seek and find You And in finding you, he may love You And in loving You, he may lose the desire to end the life of Your precious daughter, Theresa Marie. We plead with You, O Lord, To surround Theresa with Your constant protection So that she and Michael, Together with all the hosts of Angels and Saints
PRAYING FOR TERRI Let us continue to pray and fast for Terri. We know from the medical experiences of others that there is hope for her. TERRI SCHINDLER-SCHIAVO MAY AGAIN HAVE HER FEEDING TUBE DENIED AS SOON AS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22. What you can do to help.
Words of Wisdom from St. Augustine for the First Sunday in Lent "When He willed to be tempted by the devil in the the desert, Jesus figuratively transferred Himself into us." "Do you think only of Christ’s temptations and fail to think of his victory? See yourself as tempted in him, and see yourself as victorious in him. If he were not tempted he could not teach you how to triumph over temptation." ~ St. Augustine
Our Lady of Lourdes
OUR LADY OF LOURDES Our Blessed Mother appeared to a very poor young girl, Bernadette Soubirous, 18 times in 1858. On the feast of the Annunciation in 1858, Our Lady revealed to Bernadette, " I am the Immaculate Conception." Because the dogma of the Immaculate Conception had been officially proclaimed less than four years earlier, and Bernadette could not have even known of its existence, great credibility was given to Bernadette by the repetition of the Blessed Mother’s words. It was an affirmation from Heaven about the truth of the dogma. During one of these apparitions, when Bernadette was told by Mary to begin digging in the ground; she obediently did so, to the townspeople’s scorn. Water immediately began flowing from the spot where Bernadette dug, a tiny stream that has since has grown to the size of a small river. Thousands of healings have been reported as the result of people bathing in or drinking this miraculous water. The walls of the grotto where the Blessed M
A Quote for the Lenten Season "The secrets of His heart are revealed by the wounds of His body." ~ St. Bernard Thanks for sharing this, Patricia.
St. Josephine Bakhita
St. Josephine Bakhita St. Bakhita was born in Eastern Sudan around 1869 and was captured by slave traders, who named her Bakhita, which means "lucky one". Bakhita came from a happy, loving tribal family, which consisted of her parents, three brothers, and four sisters. In comparison to other African tribal families, her family was well to do, as her uncle was the village chief and her father owned cattle and large plantations. When Bakhita was about nine years old, slave traders captured her. During the course of her life, she was sold five times before she received her freedom. She was subjected to many cruel tortures, some of which included whip lashing, which tore off her flesh, and being tattooed multiple times on her body via incisions with a razor and having salt rubbed into her wombs. Despite the cruel treatments, she had no resentment or bitterness in her heart, but prayed for those who hurt her. When Bakhita’s fourth owner, Callisto (Legnani), an agen
St. Agatha Virgin and Martyr 251 A.D. Agatha was born in Sicily, the daughter of rich and pious parents, who was consecrated to God as an infant. Agatha was a virtuous Christian woman known for her remarkable beauty. The Roman Senator Quintianus, who governed Sicily under the Emperor Decius, had heard of her beauty and wealth, and he made laws against the Christians, which served as an effective guise to summon her to Catania, where he was at the time. When she was apprehended, Agatha prayed: "Jesus Christ, Lord of all things, you see my heart, you know my desire-possess alone all that I am. I am your sheep, make me worthy to overcome the devil." She wept, and prayed for courage and strength.Quintianus made advances toward her, and when she refused them, he ordered her to be put into the hands of Aphrodisia, a woman who ran a house of ill repute. Agatha refused to be influenced by the seductiveness of this wicked woman and her environment. Quintianus then had her beaten

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