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HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY, HOLY FATHER! Today is Pope John Paul II's 84th birthday. I heard on the news today that he is the third longest living pontiff in history. To send him a birthday card, go to . The Holy Father has been the inspiration for my life -- nothing stops him -- gunshot wounds from an assassin, Parkinson's -- from preaching the gospel message. He has been a playwright, an actor, a poet, a factory worker, an author, a priest, a bishop, a skier, a swimmer, a hiker, a world traveler, a child of Mary, and a true disciple of Jesus Christ. He loves as Jesus loved -- seeking out others and sharing his gifts with the children of the world. I pray that the Lord will bless him abundantly this day for being the genuine hero we can all look up to and attempt to emulate. I thank God for him and his holy leadership today during these trying times in the Church. I will always remember him as the bearer of hope in my life. During difficult times, I often

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