Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I have been tagged by Holy Fool.

Getting to know me...

Five things I plan to do before I die:

Who knows when I might die? It could be within the next five minutes, although I hope I have a little more time than that to prepare. Ok, here are some things I would like to do before the Lord takes me Home.

1. Enjoy each day and live it to the fullest, surrendering my heart to the Lord and his Holy Mother, giving them my best.

2. Learn the true meaning of love -- love those who are lovable and those who are not lovable, but do it for His sake and in union with Him.

3. Draw others closer to the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary -- to help them realize their authentic potential and to be all that they can be in the army of God.

4. To use all the gifts God has given me to the best of my ability to build up His Kingdom.

5. To be the best wife I can be to my husband Bill and to love him and support him in every way I can.

Five things I can do:

1. Write -- short stories, poems, essays, letters, fiction, non-fiction
2. Sing -- Second Soprano
3. Pray -- with perseverance
4. Love -- people and animals
5. Cook -- creatively, just about anything and everything

Five things I cannot do:

1. Swim
2. Ride a bicycle (I have always had poor balance and never learned.)
3. Solve complex mathematical equations in my head.
4. Fly an airplane
5. Play the piano

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. A Strong Catholic Spirituality
2. Intelligence
3. Sense of Humor
4. Compassion and kindness
5. The ability to love totally and completely

Five things I say most often:

1. "Praise the Lord!"
2. "You're a beautiful girl!" (to my cat, Jazzy)
3. "See you later, Billy Gator!" ( to my husband)
4. "You idiot!" (When I 'm driving and someone cuts in front of me -- not my most loving self at that time.)
5. "Get down, honey!" (when Jazzy jumps up and sits on top of my mouse -- the one attached to the computer.)

Five Celebrity Crushes:

1. Mel Gibson
2. Jim Caviezel
3. William Hurt
4. Paul Newman
5. Martin Sheen

Five People I want to do this:

1. Thirsty Scribe
2.. Southern Catholic Convert
3. Duc in Altum
4. wicatholicmusings
5. Part-time Pundit


thirsty scribe said...

Ok, I will give this a try.

WICatholic said...

Oh, my... had not even planned on reading blogs much tonight. Have a week's worth of email, etc to catch up on after a week of server problems... 'something' made me come and take a look tonight. (Grin)And I am glad I did, to see this challenge. I will try it tomorrow. God bless!

David W. said...

I am not sure to what I owe this honor of being "tagged". Does this mean that I am supposed to answer these questions and pass it on to five others? (I am bit unfamiliar with how this supposed to work.)

When I think of preparing for death, I am reminded of a story I heard in which a number of priests, maybe religious, were playing pool. The older of the group asked what the rest of them would do, if they knew they were going to die in the next several minutes. One said he would go make his confession. Another one suggested that he would go celebrate mass. Yet another answered that he would go give food to the poor. Then, finally, one of them asked the questioner what he would do. He chalked up his cue stick, took aim at the cue ball, and replied that he would remain right there playing pool because that is exactly what God wanted him to be doing at that moment.

Catholic Fire said...


I read your blog on a fairly regular basis and noticed that you had not yet been tagged, so I chose you as one of the five.

You could have fooled me. It sounds like you know what you're doing.

I like your story.