Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo's family announces book plans

Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings are writing a book about the "end-of-life" case that divided the nation.

The not-yet titled memoir by parents Bob and Mary Schindler, brother Bobby Schindler and sister Suzanne Vitadamo will be published in March to coincide with the first anniversary of the death of the brain-damaged woman, whose feeding tube was removed after her husband, Michael Schiavo, won a court order to do so.

The Schindlers will donate profits from the book to a foundation they established when they were fighting to save Terri's life, Warner Books said. The foundation now is dedicated to protecting severely disabled people.

via Blogs for Terri


Anonymous said...

Terri had an atrophied brain. Seems to have been a genetic condition judging from the behavior of her family, although it may be contagious judging from this blog.

Catholic Fire said...

God bless you!

Jean Marie

John said...


You must be too embarassed by that ridiculous comment you made above to sign your name to it.