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The Pill: A human time bomb

‘Promises turned peril”

Freed from “bondage”!

“In 1963 a similar bomb [to the A bomb] was dropped on the US.”

“..the pharmaceutical companies deny any possibility of their Golden Goose..”

March 17th, 2000 - On the feast of St. Patrick, Thomas Wilson Ferebee, the bombardier who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in World War II, died at 81. Ferebee was 26 on Aug. 6, 1945, when the B-29 Enola Gay took off for Japan with the first nuclear weapon ever deployed. Ferebee once stated that he never felt guilty but was sorry the bomb killed so many.

America's bombing of Hiroshima and the blast at Nagasaki three days later left more than 100,000 dead and led to the end of the war.

In 1963, a similar bomb was dropped on the United States. It was an atomic time bomb. The atoms in this bomb were not split as in the bomb that fell twice in Japan but these atoms were joined by similar chemistry to come together and form a chemical entity now known as "the pill". It was dropped with much the same media hype and much the same response by Americans. "We are free, we have won the war!" The first war was with Japan. This war was with The Catholic Church! Now, finally, the church had been blasted into submission. Many of her subjects, lay and religious alike gleefully proclaimed that the church's centuries old teaching regarding Christian Marriage and Human Sexuality was now antiquated. The dawning of the new age of "antiovulants" would now set women free from the bondage of their sexuality, from the bondage of unwanted pregnancies.

To the surprise and dismay of many, the Church, battered and torn, led by the Holy Spirit, would emerge in the face of staunch opposition, much of it from within her own ranks, to proclaim in Humanae Vitae that artificial contraception was "always a grave evil." The two greatest events that occurred in the twentieth century, which would change the world forever, were the Second Vatican Council and the introduction of the birth control pill. Both events occurred within months of each other. The battle lines of good and evil were drawn.

Several decades since the dawning of the new age of enlightenment which the pill heralded and the intervention of the Holy Spirit in Vatican II, the wisdom of the Catholic Church is once again emerging as the true protector of mankind and especially of women and unborn children. The pill and its various cousins delivered in pharmaceutically elegant fashion such as inserts, patches, injections, etc. are turning up their deadly side effects much as occurred year after passing year with nuclear exposure. The atomic bomb killed instantly but for years to come, day after day it would continue its killing in ever so sinister a manner. The American pill manufacturers and their allies throughout the world have found willing multitudes to ingest the lies and "promises turned peril" called steroidal hormonal contraceptives which begin releasing their radiation from the first day of ingestion, insertion or injection. The clock begins ticking. In every case, when the casualties begin from the chemical "fall-in", the physicians, the pharmacists and most of all the pharmaceutical companies deny any possible implication of their "Golden Goose" - artificial hormonal contraceptives.

When I visited the Atomic Bomb museum in Nagasaki, in December of 1997, the similarity between the radiation sickness caused by nuclear exposure and that caused by artificial steroidal hormones used in contraceptives was striking. As one reads down the list of side effects listed in a pill insert and one walks through the halls of the Atomic Bomb museum, a parallel becomes immediately apparent.

A Uranium bomb was dropped at Hiroshima followed by a much more destructive Plutonium bomb at Nagasaki three days later. The time bombs (sic birth control pills) released in the United States were done the opposite way. The first bomb to drop was too strong and the gleeful victims, clamoring for relief from their fertility, were complaining excessively. With such a willing cadre of women anxious to try the newest hormonal experiment, everyone looked the other way while new dosages, new combinations, new protocol, (literally ad nauseam since that was the most common complaint encountered by women often causing them to discontinue the pill), as each pharmaceutical company tried to increase their bottom line by producing these extremely profitable chemicals. Each company lowered or changed the dosages, promising each time that the problems had been fixed, and each time similar or other problems arose. Every formulation since 1963, regardless of chemical content, has had two things in common. The unknown long term potential for disastrous results in the future was always present and every formulation altered the uterine lining. Every woman's uterus becomes much less receptive to implantation of any embryos that may be developing; thus the possibility of unknowingly aborting an unborn child is always present while women use these products for family planning.

Radiation sickness, the disease caused by excessive exposure to radioactive chemicals, normally manifests itself within a month or so, depending on the extent of exposure, by making a person feel sick. The sickness is most commonly nausea and listlessness. The most common complaint of women on birth control pills is that they feel sick after the second or third month. They are nauseated, listless and generally don't feel well.

Other effects of radiation sickness are headaches, nervousness, depression, insomnia, hair loss, changes in menstrual flow, decreased fertility and susceptibility to disease because of immune system damage that prevents proper healing. Women on birth control pills experience similar problems. These women have a much greater need for antibiotics and antifungal agents especially for vaginal yeast infections than women who don't take the pill.

When birth control pills were first introduced there were only a handful of STDs in existence. After three generations of ingestion of these internal nuclear reactors by women worldwide, there are well over a hundred now running rampant with no respect for age, culture or race.

What are the effects of radiation (sic birth control pills) on mankind? Our ignorance of this subject seems to be even greater today than when the dawn of the Atomic Age occurred. With radioactivity and birth control pills, there are many unanswered questions. The world has come to understand nuclear energy as a power no sensible person wishes to see unharnessed. Hormonal steroids are proliferated and randomly ingested with carelessness and an abandonment which runs counter to right reason. The physiological effects caused by radiation sickness and the side effects occurring in women on the pill are strikingly similar.

Quote from The Careless Atom - pg. 104:

"Effects of radiation are divided into two classes by most scientists - somatic effects and genetic effects. The first refers to the effects of radiation on an exposed person's body (soma); the other refers to the effects on his progeny. Both kinds of effects are believed to be due to the same causes - the disruption by radiation of a cell's basic self regulatory machinery."

he pill acts exactly the same. The pill disrupts the basic self-regulatory function of every cell in a woman's body. As in radiation exposure, whether this disruption eventually results in disease or in inherited malformation seems to depend simply on which of the body's cells is affected.

Because the cell is a complex of interdependent processes,disturbance of one process resonates through the entire system, causing a chain of tiny disturbances. Once radiation or the pill disturbs the complex living system of the human body, no one can predict the ultimate consequences.

Still more mysterious are two other similarities between the effects of radiation and the effects of the pill.

The first is the stimulating effect on plants of radiation as well as artificial female steroidal hormones. Almost immediately after the bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, everything turned green.

Quoting from Hiroshima, pg. 91: "Up through the wreckage of the city, in gutters, along the riverbanks, tangled among tiles and tin roofing, climbing on charred tree trunks - was a blanket of fresh, vivid, lush, optimistic green; the verdancy rose even from the foundations of ruined houses." Any pharmacist practicing for any length of time has been approached and asked whether he has any outdated birth control pills for use on plants. It seems as though the addition of birth control pills to a plant's diet makes many of them flourish and thrive as no other fertilizer can. The second is much more eerie and troublesome. It is the life-shortening effect.

Exposed to low doses of radiation over long periods of time, a wide range of animals and insects show no visible damage, except that their lives become shorter. Radiation has somehow accelerated the aging process. Very little is known about how radiation shortens lives, but it is generally held that it does so by speeding up the normal process of aging. Birth control pills cause "aging" of a woman's uterus. A general rule of thumb is that for every year a woman takes the pill, her uterus ages two years. Women, especially young women under the age of 25, taking the pill have a considerably higher rate of cancer, especially cervical cancer, than women who don't take the pill. Increased rates of vascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes all suggest that our self-radiation with birth control chemicals is causing an overall life shortening.

Fibromyalgia, a "new" disease identified in 1976, thirteen years after the pill was introduced, manifests itself by causing many "old-age" symptoms such as chronic pain, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome. Fibromyalgia occurs almost exclusively in women who have taken the pill. (US Pharmacist, December 1997)

A paraphrase of the concluding statement I made to the Japanese Health Ministry when I presented evidence to them as to why Japan should continue to ban the use of the pill for contraception seems appropriate here also.

Steroidal contraceptives are truly a time bomb. They were introduced into the U.S. and other countries in the 1960s. The fall out has been much more encompassing than any nuclear explosion. The pill was - and still is - promoted by the most trusted of institutions - medicine and government. Is this time bomb which has been the cause of so much human misery, various cancers, STDs and AIDS, along with the concomitant governmental expenditures necessary to address this plague, going to be allowed to continue?

I hope not!


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“..the dawning of the new age of ‘anti-ovulants’ would now set women free from the bondage [sic] of their sexuality, from unwanted pregnancies..”

~Lloyd J DuPlantis Jr, PD
Beginnings: The Pharmacy Pro-Life News of Record
Volume XVI Issue 2 (114) Special Combined Issue


Silent Rain Drops said...

I like this post - it is an excellent article. You mention fibromyalgia in relation to abortion, and I thought I was the only one making the connection. :)

Post-traumatic stress disorder causes fibromyalgia-like symptoms; since fibro attacks mainly women of reproductive age, it is my conclusion that abortion, via PTSD, may be responsible. I have done this research and writing because I suffer from these disorders.

I just discovered your blog, and look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Catholic Fire said...

Thank you for your kind remarks. As a fellow FM sufferer, I, too have long suspected a link between fibromyalgia, the pill, and abortion. I would like to see more research in this area.

God bless you,