Monday, November 21, 2005

Catholic Pro-lifers Urging Boycott in Boston

Catholic pro-lifers in Boston are urging donors to boycott a Catholic Charities annual Christmas fund-raising dinner. Why? Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is being honored. Menino calls himself a Catholic, but he opposes church teachings on abortion and gay marriage by publicly supporting both.

Is there something in the water out there? Thomas Menino, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry seem to all be imbibing the same chemicals that destroy their moral fiber and warps their spirituality.

Menino doesn't really need this award from the Catholic Diocese of Boston, does he? After all, he has other, more important rewards, such as a special award for his pro-homosexual work at fund-raising dinner designed to defeat pro-family lawmakers.

Pennsylvanian in Exile writes more about the moral decay in Boston here.

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