Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pro-Life Group to Picket American Girl Place in Chicago

Pro-Life Group to Picket American Girl Place in Chicago
Pro-Life Action League will lead a picket by parents and their daughters at American Girl Place in Chicago on Friday, November 25, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, in protest of American Girl's ties to the pro-abortion advocacy group, Girls Incorporated.

"The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year," said League Executive Director Ann Scheidler. "Our picket will reach thousands of shoppers on Chicago's Magnificent Mile with the unfortunate news that American Girl is funding Girls Inc., a group that strongly advocates abortion."

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Source: Pro-life Action League Press Release.


Ravens n' Robins said...

I can't believe that you would picket American Girl Place. While they might support Girls Inc., they also give thousands of girls confidence and imagination. Even though I live in Seattle, I grew up with American Girl, and I owe my confidence and sense of self to them. How dare you do this to such and amazing company?

Catholic Fire said...

Ravens and Robins,

Are you aware that when you
buy their products you are supporting the killing of innocent babies? If you believe that it is ok to kill babies who don't have a voice to speak up for themselves, then you will want to keep buying their products; however, if you believe such an action is wrong, then you will want them to stop doing it by joining in the boycott.

Ravens n' Robins said...

I think there is one difference that you are missing. If they were drowning newborns in the Chicago River, that would be horrible. But what they are doing is supporting an organization that terminates a pregnancy before the baby even starts being aware of it's surroundings inside the womb. Another thing they do is get girl's lives back on track after they make some very bad decisions (no, I haven't had an abortion, i'm 13). You are condeming those girls to teen motherhood and probable poverty and bad schooling.

Catholic Fire said...
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Catholic Fire said...
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Catholic Fire said...

Ravens n' Robins,

There is no difference between the two. A baby in the womb is a growing human person who feels pain, is aware of her surroundings, and reacts to things she hears and feels. Numerous studies have demonstrated this.

Have you ever seen an ultrasound? Have you ever seen what happens to a baby in an abortion?

Go here and take a look at what a living baby in the womb is like.

Go here to see what an abortion looks like and what it really is.

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
~ Mother Teresa

J. said...

I had an abortion and I could feel my baby moving inside of me. She was alive! Don't ever let anyone tell you that the child living inside of you is not a human being -- they are lying to you. And for what? Just to make money. You feel you are stuck and have nowhere to turn so you turn to the people who will do the most harm to you and your baby. I regret my abortion. I can never have children again because of my mistake and I warn others not to do what I have done.

Ravens n' Robins said...

I agree that abortions are bloody and messy, but so are quite a lot of things. And what I said about teen mothers living bad lives, with low wage jobs and little income affects the child as much as the mother/father. You wouldn't want to have hundreds of neglected or malnourished children in the world just because you don't think that abortions are religiously right, do you? Think on that for a while.

Catholic Fire said...

Dear Ravens 'n Robins,

In my experiences as a sidewalk counselor and prayer intercessor for women who considered having abortions, everyone I know was blessed financially when she decided to have the child.

There are many Catholic and Christian organizations which provide assistance to needy mothers and families, including: the Gabriel Project, Birthright International, Catholic Charities, Good Counsel, Inc., Allied Women's Center, the Nurturing Network, Heartbeat International, and numerous others in individual dioceses and parish churches throughout the country. Jewish organizations providing assistance include Just One Life and Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies.

There are even some organizations that will not only provide food, clothing, and housing for the mother and her child, but will provide her with an education and assist her in finding work while providing her with child care. So you see, there really is no EXCUSE for murdering one's baby.

God bless you,