Friday, May 27, 2005

Mother courage puts own life at risk to save twins

A Courageous mother, who made medical history by giving birth to identical twin boys after being diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of leukaemia, spoke yesterday of her joy as she held them for the first time. Vanessa Love discovered that she had acute promyelocytic leukaemia after a routine blood test in January - only four days after a scan confirmed that she was expecting twins.But she decided to delay chemotherapy - the treatment which offers the best prospects of a permanent cure - until after her sons were born. Her courage was rewarded this month when her healthy boys were born by Caesarean section at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.Blake and Rohan Love were born a minute apart on 16 May, weighing 3lb 8oz and 3lb 5oz respectively, after a three-hour operation involving a 14-strong medical team. Mrs Love, 31, and her husband Charlie, also have two daughters, Amber, five, and Megan, four. [More]

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Saran Wrap for 'Safe' Teen Sex?

Janice Shaw Cruse has written an excellent Op-ed for Concerned Women for America which I wish to share here. She discusses one example of the many ways in which Planned Parenthood deceive our youth and attempt to draw them into the culture of death.

Years ago, the whole country got a laugh out of The Total Woman’s recommendation that wives occasionally spice things up by greeting their husbands wrapped only in Saran Wrap –– the clear, flexible plastic film meant to cover food in the refrigerator.

Today, right-thinking adults should be outraged by the recommendation in the latest “comprehensive” sex-education materials from Planned Parenthood that, for “safe” sex, 8th graders should use Saran Wrap as “protection” when engaging in oral and anal sex.

Excuse me! How did we get to the point where it must be assumed that 8th graders are going to be “performing” oral and anal sex and we have to equip them to do it “safely”? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the sex education lobby — in its supposed superior wisdom — has been pushing to strip kids as young as kindergarten age of their innocence by insisting that they be taught about every kind of deviant sexual practice long before they are emotionally ready for such information.

Why in heaven’s name should teachers be providing curious 8th graders with ever more detailed information that is bound to encourage the more adventurous or emotionally needy ones to experiment sexually? Why talk about oral and anal sex to children, period? The unspoken purpose is clear and has the fingerprints of the gay lobby and NAMBLA all over it. The FBI publishes A Parent’s Guide to the Internet. Note well how it describes the modus operandi of pedophiles: “These individuals attempt to gradually lower children's inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual context and content into their conversations.” And millions of parents are letting so-called sex-education experts do exactly this to their children in the classroom without raising any objection. Unbelievable!

It distresses me to think that any sane, caring adult would want classroom discussions of casual oral and anal sex to be a child’s introduction to such a powerful drive as sex. As a woman I am outraged at the idea that anyone — least of all, a teacher — would want to encourage an adolescent girl to be “used” in such a blatantly sexist way by either young boys wanting to experiment or older guys looking for someone gullible enough to give them momentary pleasure?

Eighth-grade girls should be learning the basic elements required for successful adult relationships; good manners, social etiquette, the give and take of negotiation and conflict resolution –– how to respect themselves and each other; not how to use and abuse the opposite sex in throw-away, disposable, meaningless, fast-food-type couplings.

The Saran Wrap recommendation ought to remove any remaining doubts about Planned Parenthood’s agenda and its qualifications to have a voice in determining our school’s sex-education curriculum. Added proof, the interim president of Planned Parenthood, Karen Pearl, complained that President Bush wanted to increase funding for “dangerous abstinence-only programs by nearly 25 percent.” Without a shred of evidence and contrary to numerous studies, Pearl also asserted that these programs “don’t work” and that the President is catering to “ideological extremists.” Adding further confirmation of the Left’s disgusting agenda and its callous disregard of children’s well-being, a coalition of organizations from the ideological Left recently mobilized a campaign to stop federal funding for abstinence programs, though abstinence funding is already a minuscule amount of the total federal money allocated to sex education.

The real “ideological extremists” are those groups who show that they really have not a shred of concern about children’s well-being by pushing programs that encourage risky behavior in the short run that will compromise our children’s long-term future prospects for a good and decent life. Nothing could be clearer than the fact that the programs they design, and try to bully parents into accepting, serve only to short-circuit the development of discipline and character formation, and undermine our children’s ability to learn the delayed gratification and self-restraint needed for a productive, happy life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


This is a release from the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) in Washington, D.C., issued Tuesday, May 24, 2005, at 6:30 PM EDT.

WASHINGTON-- The U.S. House of Representatives today approved a bill to provide federal funds for stem cell research that would require killing human embryos -- but if the bill survives its uncertain future in the Senate, the President's promised veto will be sustained, according to the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), which opposes the bill.

"Under this bill, human embryos would be killed by the very act of harvesting their stem cells for government-funded research," commented NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson.

The House passed the bill by a margin of 238 to 194, which was 50 votes short of the two-thirds majority that would be required to override a veto.

The White House today issued an official statement of Administration policy that said in part, "The bill would compel all American taxpayers to pay for research that relies on the intentional destruction of human embryos for the derivation of stem cells, overturning the President's policy that supports research without promoting such ongoing destruction. If H.R. 810 were presented to the President, he would veto the bill." To read the complete statement, click here.

In addition, at the White House, President Bush spoke to a group that included many children who were adopted when they were still embryos. The President said: "The children here today remind us that there is no such thing as a spare embryo. Every embryo is unique and genetically complete, like every other human being. And each of us started out our life this way. These lives are not raw material to be exploited, but gifts." The complete remarks are here.

NRLC's Johnson commented: "The biotechnology industry will not be satisfied with exploiting only embryos donated by parents -- in fact, they are already seeking to create human embryos by cloning, for the specific purpose of harvesting their parts for research. Unless Congress acts promptly to ban human cloning, as many other nations have already done, biotech labs will establish what President Bush in the past has called 'human embryo farms.'"

Enactment of a ban on human cloning takes on new urgency in the wake of a May 19 report that researchers in South Korea had, in 11 cases, "successfully" created a clone of a person with a disease, killed the cloned embryo, harvested stem cells, and started a cell line of tissue genetically like that of the clone's parent-twin.

For additional information on H.R. 810, including links to important documents, click here. For additional information on bills related to human cloning that are currently pending in Congress, click here.

By a vote of 431 to 1, the House today also approved the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act (H.R. 2520), sponsored by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), a bill to establish a new federal program to make stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood available to patients who need them. This bill was endorsed by President Bush and by NRLC. In a statement of Administration policy released today, the White House said: "Cord-blood stem cells, collected from the placenta and umbilical cord after birth without doing harm to mother or child, have been used in the treatment of thousands of patients suffering from more than 60 different diseases, including leukemia, Fanconi anemia, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia. Researchers also believe cord-blood stem cells may have the capacity to be differentiated into other cell types, making them useful in the exploration of ethical stem cell therapies for regenerative medicine."

From this week's (May 30) edition of TIME magazine: "Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers at Duke University Medical Center reported that infants born with a fatal nerve disorder have been helped -- and perhaps even saved -- by treatment with stem cells taken from the umbilical cords of healthy babies. Of course, the stem cells used at Duke are not the kind that have caused so much anguish and debate in the U.S. Because these cells are taken not from embryos but from cord or placenta blood, they are both more developed and less versatile than embryonic stem cells. But they are also less controversial because no potential human lives are lost if the cells are destroyed. Yet they seem to have great potential for battling certain illnesses."

Monday, May 23, 2005

U.S. House Will Vote Tuesday, May 24, on H.R. 810, a Bill to Fund Stem Cell Research That Kills Human Embryos -- Advocates of Bill Admit It is "Critical First Step" to Cloning

WASHINGTON, The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday, May 24, on H.R. 810, a bill that would order federal funding of stem cell research that requires killing human embryos. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) strongly opposes this bill. H.R. 810, sponsored by Reps. Michael Castle (R-De.) and Diana DeGette (D-Co.), would overturn the policy adopted by President Bush in 2001. President Bush's policy bars federal funding of research that would require killing human embryos. President Bush opposes H.R. 810. On May 20, the President said, "I made it very clear to Congress that the use of federal money, taxpayer's money to promote science which destroys life in order to save life, I'm against that. And therefore, if the bill does that, I will veto it." [More]


CHICAGO, IL -- During a three-hour ceremony, at Chicago's Cathedral on Saturday, Cardinal Francis George ordained 16 men to the priesthood-the largest ordination class of any diocese in the U.S.

Ranging in age from 26 to 46, the group, some of whom hail from as far away as Poland, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, are also overall, one of the youngest ordination classes in the country.

The Archdiocese reached its low point in 1990, ordaining only 6 men, but those numbers have been steadily growing since. [More]


Saturday, May 21, 2005


Catholic League president William Donohue commented on the slanderous attack by against Catholics:

“The PAC arm of, the Internet-based organization funded by George Soros, made a despicable statement on its website yesterday against the pope and American Roman Catholics (it has since been removed). As part of its campaign protesting Republican efforts to change the filibuster rules governing federal court appointees, posted a picture of a smiling Pope Benedict XVI holding a gavel outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Above the picture was the following inscription:

God Already has a Job.… He does not need one on the Supreme Court

Protect the Supreme Court Rules

“So this is the way George Soros operates. Of all the anti-Catholic canards ever expounded in American history, none is more infamous than the one that accuses the Vatican of steering U.S. public policy. And this is exactly what Soros is doing now. Simply because Catholics and Protestants have come together to protest de facto discrimination against Christian pro-life judges by some Democrats, Soros thinks he has a right to fan the flames of anti-Catholic bigotry.

“When I joined with evangelicals last month in the ‘Justice Sunday’ rally, a reporter asked me why I would join hands with some who have expressed sharp disagreement with Catholicism. I said as long as the tone is civil and the discord is confined to theological matters, I have no problem forging an alliance in the culture war. Indeed, the latest attack by Soros shows that my decision to participate in ‘Justice Sunday’ was the right one. It is not evangelicals who worry Catholics—it is fat-cat, left-wing bigots like George Soros who concern us.”

Friday, May 20, 2005


Item 1

Many Pharmacies Ignore Governor's Order

We have heard from a growing number of Illinois pharmacies in the past several weeks indicating that they have chosen to ignore the Governor's reckless order forcing pharmacists to dispense Plan B. At testimony before JCAR this week in Springfield, an attorney from DPR (Profession Regulation) tells us that pharmacists have a choice to either return the prescription or refer it to another pharmacy. That's exactly what was happening in this State before the Governor intruded on everyone's Right of Conscience in a heavy handed and illegal way. At the same time, DPR is going to some down state pharmacies and telling them that they must stock Plan B. We're going to clear up all of these misrepresentations in court very soon. [More]
St. Bernadine of Siena
(1380 - 1444)

St. Bernardine was born in Tuscany. His parents died when he was seven years old and he was taken in by relatives who raised him as if he were their own.

As a youth, he possessed a strong love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and spoke to her as a child speaks to his mother. She kept him chaste and pure.

While still a student at the University of Siena, he took charge of the hospital there when an epidemic killed most of the staff. Later he looked after a bedridden aunt until her death.

At the age of 22, he became a Franciscan. He was an energetic and popular preacher who spent years travelling on foot throughout Italy preaching to huge audiences. As a priest, he promoted peace among the warring Italian cities, and worked hard for the reform of the Franciscan order and for church unity. He encouraged devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus and is known for his use of the monogram IHS.

Bernadine died on May 20, 1444, at the age of sixty-four in Aquila, Italy. He was declared a saint in 1450, by Pope Nicholas V. Saint Bernardine is the patron of advertisers and advertising; he is invoked against hoarseness.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Girl Given Morning-After Pill without Parents Knowledge has Severe Reaction; Parents Sue

PHILADELPHIA, The parents of a 16-year-old girl are suing the Philadelphia health department after health workers there dispensed the abortifacient morning-after pill to their daughter without their knowledge and permission, and without a prior medical exam.

The girl had a violent reaction to the drug, including severe abdominal cramps, vomiting, swelling in the face and a rash. The girl was treated in hospital and released, but had to be re-admitted a day later for bleeding, the law suit attested. The lawsuit also charges that the girl was treated “under the false pretence that the pills will not terminate a pregnancy.”
Keep Those Lawsuits Coming


I am not normally a proponent of lawsuits. In fact, I believe that there are far too many ridiculous lawsuits that tie up our courts today, wasting time and taxpayers' money. However, when it comes to forcing pharmacists to prescribe abortifacients, which destroy human life, I believe that we need to defeat such destructive and immoral legislation with every peaceful method we can. An Illinois panel recently upheld an administrative ruling issued by
Governor Rod Blagojevich
requiring all pharmacists in the state to dispense all legal drugs -- including those that could cause abortions. To say that such a ruling represents an error in judgement is a vast understatement, for the Governor knows exactly what he is doing -- promoting a culture of death, denying human beings their right to live a moral life according to their religious beliefs and their consciences. He was voted in to office, for the most part, by those who support the pro-death platform.

When I served on a community voting panel this past year as the only Catholic pro-life representative or should I say the token Catholic pro-life representative, other participants reiterated over and over, "You can't legislate morality". This tired response has been on the lips of pro-death activists since the 70's.

My response to this is if they mean that laws can't make an immoral person moral, they are correct. The fact that there are immoral people is precisely why we need laws. Otherwise they would impose their immorality on others.

If they mean that laws can't be based on morality, I wonder what they think laws should be based on.

All laws exist to impose somebody's morality. Laws against rape impose somebody else's morality on rapists and potential rapists. Laws against burglary impose somebody else's morality on burglars and potential burglars. Laws against drunk driving impose somebody else's morality on drunks. Are people who say you can't legislate morality against these laws?

Martin Luther King once said, " We hear the familiar cry that morals can't be legislated. This may be true, but behavior can be regulated. The law may not be able to make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me."

When people support abortion on the grounds that you can't legislate morality, they are making an admission. They know abortion is immoral, but want to support it anyway. They want to be free to impose their own immorality on unborn babies and their mothers. And the law would do well to stop them.

Yes, we can legislate morality, but isn't it a shame that we have to do so?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


VATICAN CITY, MAY 18, 2005 (VIS) - At the beginning of the general audience, celebrated in a rain-soaked St. Peter's Square, the Pope recalled that today "our beloved Pope John Paul II would have been 85. We are certain that he is watching us from on high and that he is with us. We wish to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of this great Pope, and for everything he did and suffered."

Happy Birthday, John Paul the Great! We love you!
Senate Begins Debate on President Bush's Pro-Life Judicial Picks

Washington, DC -- The Senate on Wednesday began debate on the first of President Bush's pro-life judicial nominees who have been held up by filibusters from Senate Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Bill First decided to start off the days of debate by taking up the nomination of Texas Supreme Court justice Priscilla Owen.

Frist told senators said he was distressed that Democrats would not accept a deal that would include not using the filibusters.

"I'm trying to move to a qualified nominee, Priscilla Owen and we hear these attempts to delay even right now, to sidetrack, to even consider somebody else and that's the challenge,'' Frist said. "That's why we're on the floor of the United States Senate, with the light of day, with the American people watching.''

Reid suggested that Frist gather all 100 senators in the old Senate chamber and discuss the judicial picks without any aides or media present. But, Frist said deliberations on a compromise have made no progress and that it was time to move forward with votes on President Bush's nominees.

Senators are expected to debate this week and hold a test vote on ending the filibuster early next week. If the filibuster continues, Frist will move to change the Senate rules to lower the number of votes needed to stop it.

"I've made it clear what the principle is, a fair up-or-down vote,'' Frist said.
Owen's nomination has chagrined abortion advocates because of her several rulings against allowing teens to bypass the parental notification law in the state of Texas.
President Bush has called Owen "a woman of integrity ... known to be a fair and impartial judge who strives to interpret the law fairly.'' [More]

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Abortion Advocates Investigate Possible Supreme Court Nominees

Washington, DC -- Abortion advocates are setting off a firestorm of controversy as information is coming forward about their investigation into the backgrounds and financial records of potential nominees to the Supreme Court.
Schiavo Foundation Steps Into Local Feeding Tube Fight

Great read from The Curt Jester for May 17,2005.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Case Similar to Terri Schiavo's Has Wife Deciding Her Husband's Fate

Jacksonville, FL ( -- A case similar to that of Terri Schiavo has a Florida woman holding her husband's fate in her hands. Schiavo's family is calling on Jacksonville resident Eliza Thomas to allow her husband to live.

Scott Thomas suffered brain injury in September of 2004 and has since been incapacitated and dependent on others.

As with Terri, Scott's wife is seeking to move him to a hospice and remove the gastric tube that provides him with food and water. Scott's mother, Pamela Patton, has petitioned the courts for guardianship of the disabled man and was awarded a temporary guardianship.

However, the guardianship will expire in June and Eliza wants to take over making Scott's medical decisions at that point.

Despite Eliza's desire to end her husband's life, Patton says her son speaks a limited vocabulary, answers yes or no questions with hand signals, and can tell basic factual information about himself such as his former school and hometown.

Patton says the cause of Scott's injury is under dispute.

Eliza claims Scott was backing up and fell over the family dog in the kitchen and hit his head, causing the disabling injuries. However, Scott has communicated to his mother that Eliza struck him and caused his current incapacitated state. [Continue]

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Miracles Do Happen!

For the second time in the past two weeks, a severely brain-injured patient suddenly began speaking to the amazement of their doctors.

This week, Tracy Gaskill, a 30 year-old woman from Kansas, who suffered critical internal and head injuries when her pickup overturned in 2002 spoke for the first time in three years. Tracy was tube fed for approximately three years, as was Terri Schiavo. However, she received the speech therapy that Terri was denied.

Last week, Donald Herbert awoke from a coma and spoke for the first time in 10 years. A Buffalo, N.Y., firefighter, Herbert was severely brain injured while fighting a fire in 1995. The roof of a burning building collapsed on him, depriving him of oxygen, which left him in a coma. Then, 10 years later, he unexpectedly emerged from his coma and asked to speak to his wife.

Medical experts opinions are valuable in assessing a patient's prognosis, but are never all-inclusive. In Terri Schaivo's case, the medical reports of Michael Schiavo's doctors seemed to the main evidence taken into consideration for Judge Greer's ruling to end Terri's life.

The medical practitioner seldom takes into consideration the spiritual aspect of healing when making the patient's prognosis. Hope, the healing power of prayer and the sacraments, as well as the will of God can result in a complete recovery for someone who is severely disabled. Therefore, we should never consider a medical report or opinion as being the final word on a patient's condition. We should never give up hope on the sick and disabled, but persevere in our prayer and in our corporal acts of mercy for them.

Even if a person never recovers from a state of severe incapacitation, as children of God, they still have worth and should be treated like human beings. Doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians need to realize they are not in control of human life -- that there is only one God who is in control of life. Because God alone creates every human being, the right to take human life is God's alone. God does delegate authority to legitimate government to execute capital punishment as necessary, since the government serves as God's servant to protect life and property. The State's effort to contain the spread of behaviors injurious to human rights and the fundamental rules of civil coexistence corresponds to the requirement of watching over the common good. Legitimate public authority has the right and duty to inflict penalties commensurate with the gravity of the crime. But anyone who usurps God's authority to take human life violates the Fifth Commandment, thereby committing murder and incurring God's judgment.

Miracles do happen. Let us continue to believe and move forward in faith, hope, and love.
Pro-lifer sues police for assault

Says officer took sides in ideological debate

A pro-life college student who claims he was assaulted by a police officer while protesting outside a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic filed a civil suit yesterday in federal court against the Metro Police Department of Washington, D.C.

Daniel Heenan, a Virginia resident who attends Christendom College in Front Royal, Va., is represented in the civil lawsuit by the Christian public-interest group American Center for Law and Justice.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Heenan filed another civil suit two weeks ago against the local Planned Parenthood and a security guard for a previous incident in which he claims he was tackled and injured. [continued]

Friday, May 13, 2005


VATICAN CITY, MAY 13, 2005 (VIS) - Benedict XVI today announced the opening of the cause of beatification of John Paul II, waiving the normal waiting period of five years after the death of a Servant of God. The Pope made the announcement in the course of a meeting with the Roman clergy in the basilica of St. John Lateran. [Continue]

Thursday, May 12, 2005


President Bush has vowed that federal funds will not be used to support research that requires killing human embryos, but the U.S. House of Representatives may soon vote on bills that would overturn the President’s pro-life policy. According to a House Republican leadership aide quoted in the publication Congress Daily on May 11, a vote could occur before the end of May.

Your help is needed! Please communicate with your representative in the U.S. House, urging him or her to support President Bush’s pro-life policy and to oppose legislation that would authorize federal funding of research that requires killing human embryos. Urge other pro-life citizens to do the same. Click here for more information and to contact your representative.
Do not fear the future, Pope says

Do not be fearful about the future of the world," Pope Benedict XVI told a public audience on Wednesday, May 11.

The Holy Father spoke to about 15,000 people in St. Peter's Square, in an audience that lasted nearly two hours. The Pope stayed for some time after delivering his prepared remarks, recognizing groups of pilgrims, then greeting about 50 bishops and priests individually and exchanging a few words with each one. As the crowd lingered, young people took up the chant that is already becoming familiar around the Vatican: "Benedetto, Benedetto."

Continuing the series of talks on the psalms and canticles that was begun by Pope John Paul II -- and basing his talk on his predecessor's notes-- Pope Benedict spoke about the "hymn of adoration and praise" from the Book of Revelation (15: 3-4). He used that passage to illustrate his argument that "the believer does not fear the future."

"Human history is not in the hands of obscure powers, or chance, or merely human choices," the Pontiff said. In spite of "the violent onslaught of Satan," God's power is supreme, and the Lord cares for his people. "God is not indifferent to the sufferings of mankind," he said.

God's action in human history has a specific purpose, the Pontiff continued: "He invites the world's peoples to conversion." Benedict XVI said that the world should "learn to read history as a message from God." Those who do, he concluded, will face the future with confidence. He reminded the audience of Christ's promise: "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."


Tuesday, May 10, 2005


SafeHaven Ministries, an online post-abortion outreach, announces the formation of In Our Midst Ministries, which is dedicated to equipping evangelical churches with the necessary tools to minister to those wounded by abortion.

In Our Midst has a twofold goal: (1) to bring awareness to the body of Christ regarding life-altering issues such as abortion, and the vast number of Christians who struggle with them, and (2) to equip churches with the specialized training and resources needed to meet hurting people just as Jesus would.

For more information about In Our Midst Ministries and the services they provide, visit, or contact Mary Comm at (405) 330-0366 or

Monday, May 09, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Pledges To Defend 'Inviolability of Human Life From Conception to Natural Death'

Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday during a sermon at the Roman basilica of St. John in Lateran pledged to continue to defend the "inviolability of human life from conception to natural death,". The pope said he will maintain Pope John Paul II's ideals and urged all church officials to refuse "all attempts of adaptation or of watering down" Roman Catholic teaching. The ceremony was the last in the pope's formal assumption of the papacy, following his election on April 19.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Murderer Receives Award

Angering many members of the pro-life movement, the West Pasco, Florida Bar Association recently honored Circuit Court Judge George Greer, who ordered the starvation of Terri Schiavo in February.

Joan Nelson Hook, president of the association told the AP that, “We admired his ability to sustain the pressure not to follow the law…I don't think anyone could ever say his decisions were unlawful."

Father Frank Pavone however, head of the group Priests for Life, who was with Schiavo for many of her last hours, said that "On the night before Terri Schiavo died, I said to the national media that Judge Greer was a murderer.”
“I repeat that today," he said.

“Terri”, he continued, “was not dying until she stopped receiving food and water. Once deprived of that sustenance, she died. It does not require any legal or medical expertise to recognize that as murder. Nobody who has lost the basic capability to understand that should be honored." The bar association presented Judge Greer with the award by almost unanimous decision. Added Hook: "We admired his ability to sustain the pressure not to follow the law. I think that shows his character.''

Only in our culture of death could such a horrendous act occur. Instead of being honored for murdering an innocent human being, Judge Greer should have been put on trial for homocide. He desperately needs our prayers, as he will be judged by God in the end and, unless he repents of this mortal sin, he will face eternal damnation. Our God is merciful, but He is also a just God. We will all have to face our Maker at the end of our journey here on earth and will have to explain why we did not do more to stop innocent human beings from being put to death.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Judicial Confirmation Action Alert

May 5, 2005

Dear Friends,

Chief Justice William Rehnquist is expected to announce his retirement in the near future.

In order for President Bush to have the necessary support for a replacement who shares our values, he has to know that a minority of Senators will not block a nominee who enjoys the support of most of the Senators who have to confirm him or her. Toward this end, we are working every day to end the Minority's abuse of their power and restore the Constitution and Senate tradition.

I have asked your help in this effort before, and now I need it again. I need you to encourage everyone you can to contact your Senators and tell them to carry out an up-or-down vote on the President's judicial nominees. To help spread the word, we have created a flier that explains the problem, the solution, and what people can do to help end this abuse of power.

Please visit our website at to obtain the flier and distribute them in whatever way you can in the coming days.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact our Political Outreach Department at 888-735-3448 ext. 271 or e-mail Sean McConeghy at Thank you in advance for your continued assistance with this important effort.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director
Priest for Life

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Abortion Foe to Sue Granite in Civil Rights Test

GRANITE CITY, IL -- A protester is suing the city after he was ticketed for passing out religious pamphlets outside a metro-east abortion clinic. Don Horina, 66, of St. Charles, Mo., filed suit in federal court against Granite City, stating a city ordinance violated his civil rights.
Planned Parenthood launches campaign against Pope Benedict XVI

Planed Parenthood has launched a campaign to motivate all of its members and supporters, nominal Catholics and non-Catholics, to send letters to the editor, requesting that Pope Benedict XVI reconsider his “backward views” and change his opinion on sexual morality.

Pope Benedict XVI must be encouraged to “reconsider his dangerously outdated stances on birth control, abortion and sexuality in order to help move the Catholic Church into the 21st century,” reads a memo issued by campaign manager Eve Fox.

“The new Pope's positions on these crucial issues pose a terrible danger to the health of millions of women and girls around the world and undermines efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS,” Fox wrote.

The campaign manager justified this action, saying that the “the Church has tremendous influence over many governments, especially in Latin America, and plays a powerful role in shaping social and political norms around the world.”
Calling him “even more conservative” than Pope John Paul II, Fox told her supporters that Pope Benedict XVI is “against all forms of contraception and opposes the use of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS.”

Prior to being elected Pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger “told Catholics in the U.S. it would be a sin to vote for pro-choice candidates like John Kerry, and urged bishops to deny Kerry Communion. He has also led the Catholic Church's campaign against same-sex marriage and other rights for same-sex couples, including the right to adopt children,” wrote Fox.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another Tragedy in Florida

Judge Decides 13-Year-Old Has a 'Right to Abortion'

'This is a clear example of a system that should be protecting this young girl and her unborn child, yet has failed miserably.' - Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

WASHINGTON, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Ronald Alvarez declared Monday that 13-year-olds have a constitutional right to abortion, despite the fact the young girl's legal guardian fought in court to stop the procedure.

The barely teenaged girl is a ward of the Florida Department of Children and Families and has run away numerous times. Judge Alvarez also ordered either the young girl's custodians or attorneys (one of her lawyers is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida) to actually drive her to get the abortion.

"Here you have yet another judge who has established a pattern of decisions that are contrary to stated public policy. This is a clear example of a system that should be protecting this young girl and her unborn child, yet has failed miserably," says Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council.

"Judge Alvarez created rights for a 13-year-old girl who is far too young to make such decisions and understand the repercussions, both physical and emotional, of terminating her pregnancy," continues Perkins.

"The ACLU and Judge Alvarez seem to believe children know best when it comes to abortion even though they legally cannot determine whether they are ready for a body piercing, tattoo or even a tanning booth until they have reached the age of eighteen in some states. This is an absurd and very harmful abuse by the ACLU and Judge Alvarez to advance their own political agendas regardless of who will get hurt in the process."
Mary & Jesus
MAY - The Month of Mary

May is the month when Catholics traditionally honor Mary, the Mother of God. It is the month when the May crowning takes place. It is the month that we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima (July 13) and the Visitation. (May 31).

In his encylical, MENSE MAIO, Pope Paul VI tells us we have good reason to rejoice at this time, for "this is the month during which Christians, in their churches and their homes, offer the Virgin Mother more fervent and loving acts of homage and veneration; and it is the month in which a greater abundance of God's merciful gifts comes down to us from our Mother's throne."

Our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has invited all of us to "contemplate Jesus with Mary eyes" during this month of Mary,
"valuing especially the prayer of the holy rosary".

Let this then be our goal during the month of May -- to be Mary to Jesus -- to love Him with the same tender love she had for her Son by gazing upon Him with her eyes.