Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Conversing with Jesus - Updated

Today I am praying for...

healing for Alice, a junior in high school, who recently had an abortion and for blessings upon her friend who made this prayer request.

Dom's prayer request

Julie D.'s brother's job situation

The repose of the soul of Fr. Todd Reitmeyer and peace for his family.

The repose of the soul of Fr. McKenna and peace for his family.

all the Oblates from the Community of St. John (Jean) who will be making their lifetime Oblature this Pentecost Sunday.

Nan's 87-year old mother who had a heart attack and is suffering from other complications, as well.

healing for Cammie, who had a bad fall recently and is dealing with the side effects of a promising new medication for her chronic illness /pain. Lord, please give her strength, perseverance, and peace of mind.

the repose of the soul of the brother-in-law of the Anchoress who died recently, and for peace and healing for his family.

an end to abortion and a respect for all human life.

an unbiased Grand Jury Investigation for late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Jazzy's health.

another new apostolate for my husband and myself which begins in June.


Susan said...

I'm uniting my prayers with yours, Jean.

Catholic Fire said...

Thanks, Susan.

God bless you,