Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holy Abortion?

Latter day feminists think abortion is not just fine, it's holy.

Wrote Debi Jackson, owner of Cincinnati Women's Services abortion mill, in a web post recently:

"Imagine... that a woman may create a ceremony... to be performed during the abortion or afterwards with family and friends in attendance... She may have a circle of women friends take part in the procedure itself - an ancient ritual of fertility, life, death, and rebirth...."

A Cincinnati City Beat article last year included a photo of Debi, "practic[ing] an ancient Chinese calming ritual.... Harmonic vibrations caused by rubbing the dragon bowl's brass handles create wavelets and jumping water."

I'll tell you what's jumping, Debi. My skin is, that's what, you sicko.

Then there's... The lunatic fringe goes mainstream on

This is a really bizarre, but interesting post.

Via Jill Stanek and ProLife Blogs.


ukok said...

Guess she couldn't get a regular job eh? Bet her school report said 'could have tried harder at school'. At least her picture provides more ammunition for my dartboard...

Sorry, of course, I'll be praying for this woman, but this sickness that she is spreading, my, the evil one must be laughing with glee.

GrannyGrump said...

Who was it that used to say, "What a revoltin' development!"?