Tuesday, August 29, 2006

St. Louis archbishop rips stem-cell "disinformation"

St. Louis, Aug. 29 (CWNews.com) - Archbishop Raymond Burke has accused proponents of embryonic stem-cell research of using "a tremendous amount of misinformation and disinformation" to promote their cause.

Speaking at a rally organized by opponents of a statewide ballot initiative that would ease legal limits on stem-cell research in Missouri, the archbishop said that embryonic research of the sort being proposed would constitute "the legalized destruction of human life."

The key issue in dispute in the Missouri debate is the meaning of the term "therapeutic cloning." Proponents of the embryo research say that although human embryos may be reproduced, there is no danger of human cloning because no children will be born through the process. Opponents point out that the embryos that are created and harvested for their stem cells are already human beings.

My Comments:
The baby killers just won't give up will they? They are determined to destroy human life in exchange for money. How sad and sick!

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