Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bob Casey, Jr. Supports New Jersey Homosexual Marriage Ruling

Fidelis, a national Catholic-based advocacy group criticized U.S. Senate candidate Bob Casey, Jr. for his support of same-sex unions, which mirrors the decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court, ordering the state legislature to grant homosexual partners all the benefits of traditional marriage. The ruling handed down in the case of Lewis v Harris stopped short of legalizing same-sex marriage, but ordered the state to effectively create de-facto same-sex marriage laws by forcing New Jersey to treat traditional marriages and homosexual unions identically.

Fidelis President Joseph Cella stated: “Bob Casey’s position on homosexual marriage is identical to that of the New Jersey Supreme Court and sets the stage for homosexual marriage to be legalized in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and many other states. Casey’s support of ‘same sex unions’ encourages activist courts like New Jersey to force legislatures into legalizing homosexual marriage.”

Casey’s stated position on the issue is: “I don't support gay marriage, but I also don't support a constitutional amendment banning it. That would be tremendously divisive. However, I do support same sex unions that would give gay couples all the rights, privileges and protections of marriage.”

Cella said: “Catholics in Pennsylvania should be shocked by Casey’s complicity and effective support for this attack on traditional marriage. The people of his own state want to ban homosexual marriage, while Casey supports the policies set forth by this activist court in the border state of New Jersey. Moreover, Casey is opposed to both the State and Federal marriage amendments that would prevent homosexual marriage in Pennsylvania. In fact, Casey has said on the record that if elected he would actually work to defeat the Federal Marriage amendment.”

A headline story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Alicia Heath-Toby, one of the plaintiffs stating: “I’m certainly excited by the unanimous decision that we deserve equal rights. But to do anything less than marriage is not equal.” The Inquirer reported that homosexual activists and some legislators are already prepared to press for legalizing homosexual marriage.

“Bob Casey should say ‘I am prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the traditional institution of marriage for the people of Pennsylvania.’ Instead he sides with homosexual activists who view the New Jersey ruling as a stepping stone to homosexual marriage,” Cella stated.

Cella noted: “It is interesting to note that in June of 1995 former Governor Casey, the deceased father of the current candidate for the U.S. Senate, founded the Campaign for the American Family and the Fund for the American Family to protect the traditional family. Now his son has staked out a position on homosexual marriage that would tear down the traditional family.”

Via Fidelis.

My Comments:
This is shocking! What a disappointment he must be for his family! He certainly has taken a stand that totally contradicts the strong family values and the high morals that his dad worked so hard to uphold.

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Susan said...

I am truly disppointed in Bob Casey. It is so sad to see people who are Catholic lose their faith when they enter the Democratic party.