Friday, December 22, 2006

Brief Book Reviews: Gems for Christmas & the New Year

Here are my most recent reads:

His Suffering and Ours: Words of Hope for Pierced and Wounded Hearts by Kathryn Mulderink is just superb! This is a wonderful book to read now and also later, in preparation for Lent. In her first book, To Sing You Must Exhale, Kathryn– an accomplished Catholic poet - presented us with a glimpse of the strong spiritual union she shares with the Lord through her poetry. This second time around, she takes us deeper into her uniquely feminine spirituality through a smattering of mystical poetry and a dynamic collection of excerpts from personal letters, Scripture passages, and meditations which center around Christ’s Seven Last Words from the Cross. If you are experiencing any kind of suffering (and who isn't?) then this is the book you need to lift you up. It is filled with wisdom, encouragement, and unconditional love.

101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation by Sr. Patricia Proctor - A wonderful collection of intimate narratives in which the writers share their personal struggles and reveal how the sacrament of Reconciliation has set them free and brought peace and healing to their lives. Sr. Patricia Proctor also includes commonly asked questions answered by priests who have been hearing Confessions for years, as well as a number of helps for penitents, such as Confession prayers and Examination of Conscience guidelines and more. This is a great one to take to bed with you at night, and savor one or more stories at a time. Be sure to catch my very short personal witness story on page 149 - "Welcome Home".

My Life with the Saints - James Martin, SJ
I am falling in love with this book! (I'm not quite finished yet.) It is a special memoir of how one life has been personally touched and led by the example of the saints. The author writes in such a warm, friendly conversational style, I feel as if I have known him for ages. He reveals some details about the saints' lives that are entirely new to me and most of you who read my blog know that saints are my specialty. I have one word for this book - delightful!

You can check out My Life with the Saints and the author on the Catholic Mom Book Spotlight here.

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Micki said...

Your review of "101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation" is just what I needed to get the book back on top and start reading it. Just knowing that your story is there makes me very excited. Thank you.