Friday, January 19, 2007

Barack Obama and The Priest Who Sold His Soul to the Devil

You all know here that I am not in the habit of criticizing priests (I'm in the habit of praying for them as I will do for this one.) but when I read about this one in this post at LifeSite News, I was more than a little perturbed. Here is the intro for those of you are reading this at work and are unable to click on the link for the story. My comments are in blue.

Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger of the Archdiocese of Chicago wants people to know that pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Senator Barack Obama “is the best thing to come across the political scene since Bobby Kennedy.”

What an insult to Bobby Kennedy! Bobby was the one Kennedy politician who lived out his Catholic faith. He stood up for the most poor and vulnerable members of our society, while Barack Obama condemns the innocent ones to death.

Father Pfleger says he has known Obama for 20 years. “I think Barack Obama is in a class of his own,” he said.

You can say that again! He is in a member of the slithering snakes of the world, who sneak up on you before they suck the blood out of you, infecting you with their poisonous venom.

I am unaware of any politician who has such a strong pro-death voting record as Barack Obama. He is the biggest hypocrite in politics today - he has the audacity to call himself Christian, yet strongly supports the slaughter of innocent babies in his own back yard.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Father Pfleger has supported pro-abortion politicians. In February 2003 he invited pro-abortion Presidential candidate and Pentecostal minister Rev. Al Sharpton to speak during Mass.

I am shocked and appalled that a Catholic priest would do such a thing! I just wonder how much Obama and Sharpton and their cartel paid him to sell his soul to the pro-aborts.

I don't see the good Cardinal Francis George tolerating this kind of behavior.

To respectfully contact the Archbishop of Chicago:

His Eminence Cardinal Francis George
155 E. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel. (312) 751-8230


Amanda said...

you should check out the parish ministries one is a bodyguard for the priest in question where members promise to lay down their life for him. Someone should alert the vatican!

Catholic Fire said...

How bizzare! Thanks for the info. I can definitely understand why he would need a bodyguard. It sounds like he has established his own sect there.

He certainly has caused a public scandal!

Before contacting the Vatican, I think we definitely need to contact
Cardinal Frances George.

Let's pray for his conversion and the conversion of all his followers.

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Archdiocese, and I'm not happy about this. Sen. Obama can be sure that if he ever runs for public office, he will not get my vote until he changes his death-centered ideology.

Susan said...

This priest is definitely off the wall! Does he have some kind of mental disorder encouraging people to vote for for a candidate who is 100% pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage?

He is openly and defiantly violating the teachings of the Catholic Church!

He should be defrocked!

Anonymous said...

Respectfully communicating your concern to Cardinal George regarding Father Pfleger's active support of politicians holding positions antithetical to Church teachings, and adding all the principals (Barack Obama, Father Pfleger, and Cardinal George) to your prayer intentions, rather than sending email to the Vatican, would seem the course to follow. Further, those within the Diocese with opportunity and inclination should speak out in opposition to Father Pfleger's activities, to counter the public scandal. Any discipline applied should be at the judgement of his bishop.

Michael said...

This priest should definitely be disciplined. Can you imagine what would happen if the lay leaders of the Church - the DRE or the CCD or RCIA teachers did something like this?

Why are things like this permitted with no consequences for the clergy?

I don't expect priests to be perfect, but this priest is aiding and abetting abortion.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance splattered across this webpage is staggering. How is it that somebody who believes in giving the women the right to choose whether they want to carry and deliver a baby is a murderer and a politician with a "death focused" campaign. I am bewildered at this disgusting diplay of hate and contempt. This is not the Christ-like attitude. Slandering those whose beliefs do not coincide with yours over the internet is shameful. Christ was indiscriminate in who he loved and accepted. There is no such thing as "pro-abortion" in this world. Abortion is an unpleasant, unnatural thing, and nobody wants it to happen. Nobody encourages women to have abortions. Believers in choice are believers in free will. Believers in choice are not murderers or baby-killers. Also, as people with such a strong faith in God, I wonder why you lack trust in his judgement. Our earthly actions and sins are between us and Christ. When we die, and it is time to go to either Heaven or Hell, God will make up his own mind. Who are you to doubt him? Who are you to pass judgement upon people who are, exactly as you are, human sinners?

Another thing I might add is that you live in a democratic society. If you do not wish to see Mr. Barack as president of the United States, don't vote for him. But do not propegate hate over the internet in the name of your faith. Perhaps your energy would be better spent working towards something positive.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Dear Anonymous,

When you love someone you don't let them get behind the wheel of a car and murder someone crossing the road. Instead, you explain to them the difference between right and wrong and the choices they have. This is the way of the Christian. Many people today don't know the difference between right and wrong and you are one of them. If a toddler is crossing the road, the driver can go around it or put on the brakes and wait for it to cross the street or perhaps alert the parents or they can run it over and murder the child. You are obviously advocating and supporting murder and are not a true Christian. God has commanded us, "Thou shalt not kill."
Christians abide by the ten commandments.

What I speak here is truth and you are obviously unable to handle the truth. You seem to have a lot of anger and hatred in your heart for the Catholic Church, the innocent unborn, and the mother who suffers extreme pain physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically from having an abortion. The majority of women who have an abortion suffer from post-abortion syndrome. Many of the fathers and the family of the aborted child suffer devastating pain as well.

You are in desperate need of psychological and spirtual counseling. As a trained pschologist and counselor, I recommend you seek help immediately.

I am concerned for your soul and will pray that you receive the help you need.

If you are a fallen away Catholic - please go to Confession immediately - repent and come back to God. He will forgive you and will welcome you back home with open arms.

If you yourself have had an abortion, please consider making a Rachel's Vineyard Weekend to start the healing process.

I hope that someday the Lord will open up your heart to end the hatred , contempt, and anger that you have toward the unborn child and his/her family. Please ask God to help you repent and heal.

In the love of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,


Bill said...


I believe in free will, too. God allows you to exercise your free will when deciding whether or not you want an abortion - you can choose to have your baby or you can choose not to have it and go to Hell. It's your choice, after all.

Susan said...

I will definitely pray for anonymous, who is very confused. I wonder if he/she has been involved in abortions? That is certainly the impression I get.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for all of you. The point that Anonymous was making was that as a catholic blog site, we should yes embrace life but also embrace love. Many of the comments on here were not edifying. Don't vote for him, write the bishop but don't propogate judgment. God is the only one who will judge. Yes, we know of the public sins of some but lest we forget we have our own private sins to be accountable for. Pray for those who have gone astray and be a POSITIVE light to them and not darkness. We are to Love the Lord our God will all our heart, strength and soul. We are also called to Love our neighbors as ourselves. Are you doing that? I Cor. 13 says that if you do not have Love you are like a clanging symbol...

Jean M. Heimann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean M. Heimann said...


It's interesting how you change your tune. You come across initially as being extremely critical and judgemental toward the Catholics who are openly and honestly venting their frustrations about the evil of abortion and those in the Church who are supporting it in defiance of the Holy Father and the Magesterium of the Church and then you talk about loving others?

You need to practice what you preach.

A person who loves others does not murder his/her own child. Murder is not a loving thing to do to another human being. Nor does a person who loves others encourage them to have an abortion and thus suffer the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological trauma of an abortion.

Yes, we are to love God with our whole mind, heart, and soul and our neighbor as ourselves. Most of us learned that at home when we were toddlers and have been practicising it ever since then.
Are you doing that? Have you ever examined your own pro-life conscience? (This is something all of us should be doing regularly.)

I think not if you are encouraging others to vote or support someone like Obama who has consistently voted for the murder of innocent babies. He even voted in favor of sucking the brains out of human babies! What kind of human being suppports this barbaric torture?

And how can someone who has taken vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience - promising to be faithful and obedient to the Holy Father and the Magesterium of the Catholic Church - act in total opposition to the Church's teaching violating God's laws and commandments by supporting such an evil act be showing love?

This is a scandal and leads many on the path to Hell.

Most Catholics I know pray and fast daily offering sacrifices for lost souls such as this priests. Most who are involved in the pro-life movement dedicate their lives to helping the poor and confused women and families who have been lied to and abused by those in the pro-death movement that Obama and his cohorts perpetuate. So stop right there - loving women is not supporting choice or people like Obama. It is about Truth.
Christ told us, "I am the way the Truth and the Life."

Unless you follow Him, you will end up in the darkness. There is such a place as Hell and people need to have a healthy fear of God or they will end up there.

When you love others you share the truth with them. That is what this blog is all about - sharing the Truth with those who are deceived by the lies of the culture of death.

Yes, God loves us and He heals us and forgives us when we repent of our sins. He is merciful.

But we need to stop telling people lies about abortion. It is evil and its consequences are horrific. Life is beautful and it is God's will. Let's be positive by emphasizing this Truth.

I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

His parish does not have a Respect Life or Pro-Life ministry. The office was contacted and that was the response.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't think I could still be stunned by the naivite of what I perceive to be an intelligent persons total misunderstanding of the pure evil that abortion truly has become. First, women are not treated as total sex objects in every secular industry, including the news...ask Katie Couric. Look at the percentages of advertising dollars that are geared sexually. Is this growth in human love and compassion towards each other.
The secrecy in the medical profession regarding the high percentage of breast cancer from women who had abortions, along with the high percentage of eating disorders, depression and suicides. Many end up in multiple sexual relationships unable to develop healthy loving relationships because of low self esteem. The strongest voices that will help the pro-life movement will definitely come from the women who have gone through abortions themselves and are now speaking out against them.
But to not understand why it is essential for the parishioners of that diocese to contact the Bishop, and if necessary take it even further is to not understand a Catholic's obligation to defend the faith. Would anonymous not have a Catholic notify a Bishop if he knew a priest was commiting pedofilia or Black magic. There is no difference. Look in your bible where anyone who leads those astray will be punished. We are trying to save the priest, not condemn him.
Barack Obama supported even the murder of a baby who survived an abortion. I would think as the percentage of abortions of blacks is higher, they should be the least to support him.