Monday, January 29, 2007

Fr. Robert Drinan, SJ, dead at 86

Fr. Drinan's last public act of note was to celebrate Mass for Nancy Pelosi. They say one shouldn't speak ill of the dead. So, let's have his actions speak for him. He once defended Clinton's veto of a partial birth abortion (id est sucking the brains out of viable babies):

One of the president's strongest defenders was a Jesuit priest, Father Robert Drinan, who published articles in both the Reporter and the New York Times attacking the bill and praising the President for having vetoed it. In both articles he accepted at face value the claim--refuted by knowledgable people--that the brutal "dilation and extraction" method is sometimes medically necessary. He also demanded that Congress include an exception to allow the use of the partial-birth procedure if a doctor deemed it necessary to preserve the "health" of the mother--a vague phrase which pro-lifers long ago realized could be used to justify practically any abortion.

Drinan also attacked the bill as a mere political weapon to [be] used against the President, and in his Reporter article twice urged that the bill be rejected because it is likely to help Republicans in this year's presidential campaign. All in all the column was as blatantly partisan an argument as it would be possible to find. Such open partisanship is unusual among American priests, but it was not surprising in view of the fact that Father Drinan himself for ten years (l97l-8l) served in Congress, as a Democrat, and that while there was perhaps the single most reliable supporter of abortion "rights." [More]

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Lord, have mercy on His soul!

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Bill said...

I have been praying for the conversion of abortion providers and pro-abortion politions, and, with God being all knowing, if they would not convert, to remove them. I assume this is God answering my prayer.