Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leading Scientist Charges Colleagues With “Misleading” Public on Humanity of Embryos

BOSTON, Massachusetts, January 31, 2007 ( - A leading U.S. researcher in adult stem cell technology has stated there is no legitimate scientific justification for questioning when human life begins

In an interview with Anita Crane for Celebrate Life magazine, Dr. James Sherley--recently denied tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he says for his views on embryo research--accused some of his colleagues of deliberately misleading the public about the beginnings of human life in order to justify embryonic research.

“I am upset when I hear knowing scientists needlessly confuse and mislead people who look to them for objectivity and integrity,” he said. “The world is a complicated place and there is a vast amount that we do not know about how it works and how we in it work. [More]

Talk about discrimination! Here is another example of a pro-lifer being discriminated against for telling the truth. A human embryo is a human life. I like Doctor Shelly's response:
“Whether or not the embryo has yet developed spinal nerves or self-awareness is an irrelevant point made to distract and confuse. I challenge the promoters of human embryonic stem cell research to justify why another human embryonic life is lessworthy than their own was.”

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Bill said...

Is there only one honest scientist?