Monday, February 26, 2007

Today, Monday February 26, 2007

Daily Lenten Devotions: Monday, the First Week of Lent

Lenten Topic for Today:
The Value of Fasting

Saint of the Day:
St. Alexander, Bishop

This Day in History

John Chrysostom (349–407), the greatest preacher of the early church, became bishop of Constantinople.

1732 In Philadelphia, Mass was celebrated for the first time at
St Joseph's Church the only Roman Catholic church built and maintained in the American colonies before the Revolutionary War.

Victor Hugo, author (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables) was born in Besancon, France (d. May 22, 1885 in Paris, France).

William F "Buffalo Bill" Cody, an American soldier, showman, and bison hunter who killed 4000 buffaloes was born in Iowa, near LeClaire (d. January 10, 1917 in Denver, Colorado).

Johnny Cash, American country and western songwriter and vocalist, was born in Kingland, Alabama (d. September 12, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee).

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W. said...

Here are some thoughts on fasting that you might enjoy reading. They are from Coptic monk Fr. Matthew the Poor:

"Fasting [...] has to be consummated in Communion, partaking in the pure body and blood, to become a perfect sacrifice, efficacious in prayer and intercession. Every Holy Communion Has to be preceded by fasting, and every fast has to end with Holy Communion.

"If we eat of a sacrificed body and do not sacrifice our own selves, how can we claim that a union takes place?

"Whenever we eat of the body and drink of the blood, we are mystically prepared for preaching the death of the Lord and confessing His resurrection. Every testimony to the death and resurrection of the Lord carries with it a readiness for martyrdom. And every martyrdom carries with it a resurrection."

For the rest, go to

In Christ,