Thursday, April 26, 2007

Archbishop Burke Quits Catholic Group Featuring Pro-abortion Singer

St. Louis, MO ( -- Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis has resigned from the board of directors of the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation over its decision to let pro-abortion rock star Sheryl Crow sing at the event. Crow has been a longtime abortion advocate who founded the Rock for Choice events to promote pro-abortion politics. The group plans to hold its 19th annual benefit for the Bob Costas Cancer Center on Saturday and Crow will provide musical entertainment at the event. Burke told the Associated Press he had tried to get the board to delist Crow from the schedule of events but it refused. "They didn't accept my concerns," Burke said. "It's very painful for me," Burke told a news conference Wednesday calling it a "scandal" allowing Crow to sing because of her position in favor of abortion and forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research that destroys human life. "But I have to answer to God for the responsibility I have as archbishop," he said. "A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching." Crow was a headliner at the April 2004 pro-abortion march in Washington and helped the groups putting it on when they realized they were not going to have as many participants as they thought. ACTION: Contact the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation with your thoughts: 1465 South Grand Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63104, 314-577-5605 or 800-269-0552. Read the complete story.

My Comments:

I am proud of Archbishop Burke for his courage in standing up for the faith and for human life. He is a wonderful model for all of us to emulate. I pray that those on the board of this "Catholic" institution will reconsider their decision and have a change of heart. I am praying that they will make a decision based on their Catholic faith and God's laws, realizing that they will all have to answer to Him for their actions one day.


DimBulb said...


In honor of the bishop I think we should coin a new phrase applicable to those who come down on the right side of things: "Burking up the right tree."

Katherine said...

Burke is very different from the late John Cardinal O'Connor who would feature pro-aborts Jeanne Kilpatrick and Ed Koch at Catholic events.