Sunday, April 29, 2007

On A Personal Note

Contrary to rumors that I have died, nothing could be further than the truth. I have been involved in rather adventurous and exciting escapades (of a personal nature) lately, which have taken up quite a bit of my time. The Lord has recently opened the doors for new spiritual growth and many changes/adjustments in my life at this time. It has all been very challenging and healthy for me spiritually, but the stubborn, independent part of me has been resisting these changes. I am of the mind that there cannot be growth without pain and suffering ("No pain, no gain" as the athletes' mantra goes) and this I am trying to accept and surrender to my Holy Mother, who knows the meaning of suffering far better than I ever could. To all who have been praying for me: Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your prayers. I can't tell you how much they have helped me and my family. To those who have sent memes - thanks for the tags. I will get to them ASAP. The MEME QUEEN is still alive and kicking. Be prepared for lots of posts coming your way soon - there is so much I need to opine on that I am nearly ready to burst.