Monday, May 21, 2007

Planned Parenthood Caught in The Act of Protecting Predators Again

Suzanne from Big Blue Wave reports on the latest Planned Parenthood cover-up. Check out this youtube video from Michelle Malkin .

Lila Rose is a 18 year-old student investigative journalist at UCLA who posed as a 15 year-old and caught Planned Parenthood in the act of covering up a reported statutory rape. She also discovered that UCLA doesn’t have any support for students who want to continue with the pregnancy. They have 2 abortion doctors but no pre-natal care, no adoption referral service,and no pregnancy support groups.

I watched Lila and her attorney being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News the other day and Planned Parenthood is really getting nasty about this. (Of course, it might tarnish the wonderful reputation they have and they might lose a few bucks in the process.) You can read the article Lila Rose wrote about the cover-up in her pro--life newspaper The Advocate here. You can also go to Jill Stanek’s blog to read how Planned Parenthood is threatening to sue Ms. Rose over these tapes.

I agree with Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue when he says: “Lila Rose is a hero for her courage in exposing the child sex protection racket that so common today at our nation’s abortion clinics. Secrecy always works to the benefit of the rapists and abortionists, while the truth works to protect the innocent. We hope her exposé will help shut down the Planned Parenthood sex centers that give cover for predators at the expense of the safety and well-being of little girls.”

It is also interesting that Lila Rose describes herself as a Christian, but does not object to abortion only because of her faith. She believes that the right to life is everyone’s fundamental right.

Let's continue to pray for the closing of these "sex centers" and "hell holes" run by people who make megabucks from killing babies, destroying women's lives, and protecting predators.