Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shocking Revelation: Late-Abortions Given So Women Could Go To Rock Concerts

Wichita, KS – A Psychologist who has examined over thirty medical records subpoenaed from abortionist George R. Tiller, says women were given late-term abortions on viable babies so they would not have to miss rock concerts and sporting events.

Dr. Paul McHugh revealed last week that he examined medical records that showed women who were 26 to 30 weeks into their pregnancies were being given abortions by Tiller for “trivial” birth control reasons under the guise of “mental health” concerns that could not be substantiated by the records.

Dr. McHugh is a Harvard educated psychologist who headed the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 26 years and serves on the President’s Council on Bioethics. He was asked to review the abortion records by former Attorney General Phill Kline to determine if the mental health diagnoses were psychiatrically justified. [More]

Via Operation Rescue.

Please continue to contact Attorney General Paul Morrison and ask him to charge Tiller for committing illegal late-term abortions.

Attorney General Paul Morrison
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View full 44-min. interview with Dr. McHugh and transcript.

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Bill said...

When a woman goes to the doctor and finds out she is pregnant, does she come home and say "honey, I'm going to have a fetus", or does she say "honey, I'm going to have a blob of tissue"? No, she will come home and say "honey, I'm going to have a BABY"!

Changing the term from baby to fetus does not make abortion any less morally wrong.

What part of "thou shall not kill" don't they understand?

GrannyGrump said...

People who are in emotional stress don't think clearly. I can't count the number of post-abortion women who'se stories I've come across who "chose" abortion under pressure, in a state of panic, just as a "fight or flight" response to their situations, only to come to their senses afterward.

And Dr. McHugh addresses this issue -- that the women are in a lot of immediate distress, and that nobody's doing anything to help clarify their thought processes to keep them from running headlong into something they'll regret later. They're just rubber stamping the paperwork. Which is highly irresponsible and -- frankly -- unconstitional under Roe, which puts the responsibility on the abortionist for verifying that abortion is "necessary" for each patient before proceeding.