Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Prayer of Spouses for Each Other

"Recently, our Hawaii Catholic moms' biggest concern has been keeping our marriages holy and strong. As you know, the family is always under attack by the devil. What better way to destroy a family but by starting on the foundation of the family, the husband and wife. I offer the following prayer for all who are suffering attacks on their marriage, especially one family in particular who was brought to my attention by Easter:" [more from Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii here.]

I Was Robbed

"I am a "Generation X" Catholic, raised and catechized in the tumultuous aftermath of Vatican II. I was a victim of "renewal" and experimentation gone awry, and so were my peers. With great regret and without exaggeration, I contend that the results have been catastrophic for my generation. It is my firm belief that the overwhelming majority of young Catholics don't have even an elemental understanding of their Faith. As a direct result of that ignorance, young Catholics are leaving the Church in a steady stream (or, dare I say, tidal wave?)." [Read more from Lynne at A Quiet Catholic]

The Movie I'm Not Reviewing Here

"Some of you who remember that my blog was mentioned by Eric Sheske of the National Catholic Register as a movie-review blog. I was as surprised as I was thrilled, as I never fancied myself a movie critic. I have an image of movie critics which is somewhere between the sepulchral food critic in Ratatouille, and David Niven in Please Don't Eat the Daisies, a pinched-face intellectual who enjoys his power of destroying someone's life work just to look smart at high falutin' cocktail parties."

"But actually, I'm nothing like that, in fact I am a little too positive. Why? Because I have a choice in what I review. No one pays me to review films, so if you see a film either here or on Cause of Our Joy, you know it's OK for Catholics. Not all films I review are OK for the kids, however. One of my favorite films, Bella, is rated PG-13 because it deals with abortion (not graphically)." [Read more from Leticia at causa nostrae laetitiae here. Check out all her movie reviews here.]

Why I Call Him My Prince Charming

"After being gone for an overnight visit, I was greeted with an empty sink and a strainer full of clean dishes.

He purged my kitchen of the fly infestation that was causing my tenuous sanity to slip…and slip…and slip.

His first words to me when I walked through the door were, “You bought new shoes. And you have blue toes.”

Then he kissed me and carried the 40-pounder upstairs and put her to bed.

There was no further mention of the new shoes. Somehow, he understood the weakness associated with a new pair of comfortable flip flops for his pregnant wife. (Or perhaps he recognized the inevitability of it…)

The living room…swept, picked up, cleaned better than it has been in an embarrassingly long time. The husband…humble enough to give the dog credit for the amazing housework done in my absence.

As his hand is on my lurching belly, full of an acrobat fairy princess, he will smile at me with tears in his eyes and send me “I love you” signals that make me feel like a princess.

Every morning, a note in the bathroom. For me. From him. He still says thank you when I pack his lunch in the morning. And then he kisses me. (Few better payments, say I!)"

[More From Sarah at Another Day of Catholic Pondering]


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