Friday, July 27, 2007

Featured Friday Film: Hairspray

I watched the official trailer on this movie and have heard some good things about it - mostly that it is very funny and enjoyable to watch; however, there are a couple of things I'm concerned about. First, I don't really care for the fact that John Travolta is dressed as a woman and plays the part of the main character's mother. I know that in Shakespeare's time, male actors played the female roles, but that was mainly due to the fact that they didn't have women actresses back then (In medieval times, it was considered disgraceful for the woman to go on stage.), but nowadays it seems somewhat distasteful and disgraceful for a man to appear in women's clothing.

Second, this film is rated PG and contains some crass expressions, innuendo, mild sexual banter and irreverence, and brief teen smoking, which makes it less than ideal to view. USCCB reports that it is best for older adolescents, but I would have to see it for myself before making recommendations on the appropriate viewing audience.

You can find USCCB's review here and Rotten Tomatoes Reviews here. I plan to watch it this weekend to check it out for myself.

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Anonymous said...

Saw "Hairspray" with my teen daughters this week. I found it to be funny and entertaining. However, the only person in the movie who had any "faith" was the bigoted mother of the main character's best friend. She was seen with a Rosary, a statue of Mary, and holy water, but she was a horrible, hateful woman. Typical.