Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's Prayer Intercessions (Updated)

Today I am praying for the following requests and invite all my readers to join me.

Heavenly Father,
we lift up our prayers to you and pray in accordance with your holy will.

For the Holy Father's special intentions.

Update: For my friend Theresa's mother, who suffered a heart attack and a stroke, and last night underwent emergency surgery to remove blood clots from both legs. She has Parkinson’s and dementia.

For N---who is scheduled for an abortion tomorrow morning, that her sister who is pressuring her will have a change of heart.

For Seminarian Matthew's special intention. (See updates here.)

For Donna Marie's special intention.

For Paul's conversion.

For Esther's prayer request.

For Julie D.'s parents.

For C. who is struggling with a problem pregnancy.

For L., a woman who will be undergoing brain surgery to try to stop further brain damage caused by tumors; the surgery is planned in the beginning of August.

For all those suffering from cancer ( especially Diane (who has been fighting it for almost 3 years now), Fr. L., Dave, WI Catholic, Gloria, Robert, Harry and Vic, their caregivers, friends, and family.

For the fruitfulness of Bill's job search.

For all those previous requests made here and those around St. Blogs.

Our Father...

May the Lord our God draw our hearts to himself, that we may follow him in everything. Amen. (1Kings 8:58)

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Alfredo said...

Friday fast for for all political prisoners in Cuba. Dr. Biscet has been sentenced to prison for over twenty years simply for speaking out against abortion and communism!