Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Special Prayer Request

Please join me in praying for the following special prayer request I received today:

Adam, 29, and his wife are rebuilding their home in New Orleans after Katrina demolished it. Today he was working on it, and sent one young son up to the house (which is on stilts) to fetch something. When the boy didn't return, he sent the next youngest son up after him. Curious as to why they weren't returning, he went up after them, and found both lying face down in the dirt, both bitten by a poisonous snake. He called 911, and they told him it would be quicker if he drove the boys himself to the hospital. So he grabbed both under each arm, put them in the truck, and in his haste and panic, drove over and killed his 3-year-old child. Both boys ended up dying from the snake bite, so this man and his wife lost all three of their children today. Please ask the Lord to overwhelm them with graces and faith.

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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Oh, my God, Jean! I've passed this on at my blog, but I am just heartbroken for this family. I think that the father will need special prayers for his own sanity - I'd be willing to bet he is blaming himself - and the mother needs special prayers and graces for understanding.

God, please help this family.

:o) said...

that is the most horrendous thing I have ever heard. That poor family! They will be in my prayers.

Jay Anderson said...

Dear God! As a father, I can't imagine anything more horrible than this. I think I'll go upstairs and kiss all my kids before I turn in for the night.

Esther said...

My son and I were stunned when I read this last night. I will be posting it on my blog too for prayers for this poor family.

Georgette said...

I am stunned as well. May God help this poor, poor couple. I am originally from New Orleans and my folks and friends would like to reach out to these people and assist them if they can, but they tell me they haven't heard anything about this story over there. How did you hear about this?

God bless,

Jean M. Heimann said...


As a prayer intercessor, people contact me for prayer requests. This one was requested by a religious.

I watched Raymond Arroyo's The World Over on EWTN last night and he spoke of a number of ways to assist the people of New Orleans, who are still in great need of assistance 2 years after Katrina. I recommend that you contact the diocese there and offer your assistance. Let's continue to pray for them and help them with their spiritual and corporal needs.

God bless you!

Georgette said...

Thanks, Jean. God bless you, too!


JS said...

Thanks for sharing this. This family is in great need of prayer.

All God's Blessings!