Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Barack Obama Promotes Abortion, Slams Abstinence in Iowa Speech

Des Moines, IA (LifeNews.com) -- Campaigning in Iowa over the weekend, pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama attempted to moderate his views on abortion and abstinence education. However, he made it clear he has no interest in limiting or reducing abortions and his pro-abstinence stance is tempered by his backing of sexual education.


Obama is attempting to make it look like he is a moderate here when his views about abortion and sex education are extreme. He believes in sex education provided by Planned parenthood to children at the kindergarten level (5 - year - olds!). He also has a voting record that consistently supports abortion - even the horrific partial - birth abortion. This man is no moderate.

Twice, Obama voted NO to bills prohibiting tax funding of abortions. Yes, he thinks that we should pay for people to murder their children!

In April 2007, he voted YES on expanding research to more on embryonic stem cell lines, which involves the destructive of human life.

In July of 2006, he voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions.

In March 2005, he voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives. (Sex education starting at age 5 and contraceptives, which act as abortifacients.)

In February 2004, his wife, Michelle, sent out a fundraising letter, which actually stated her concern over the rise of conservatism in the Country, and that the ‘so-called’ partial-birth abortion was a legitimate medical procedure that should be protected.

In 2003, as chairman of the next Senate committee to which BAIPA (Born Alive Infants Protection Act) was sent, Obama prevented it from even getting a hearing. BAIPA stated that all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted.

In 2001 and 2002, Obama was the only Illinois senator to speak out against the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act" on the Senate floor and in 2003 killed the bill in committee. This would have outlawed "live birth abortion," where labor is induced and an infant is delivered prematurely only to be put in some dark corner of a hospital until he/she expires on his/her own.

He voted against a cloning ban in 2000, but then turned around and voted for it in 2001.

In 1997, Obama twice voted “present” on an Illinois partial-birth abortion ban.

In addition, he is also a strong supporter of homosexual marriages.

As you can see, his views are extreme and his record is that of a hard - core radical liberal, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian in every aspect on human life and family issues.


Ebeth said...

Thank you, Jean....Awesome, Awesome information for those of us who are........may I say politically illiterate, but wanting to vote educated!! I'm leaning on you for voting info!!

climbing for a better choice!

Jean M. Heimann said...

Thank you, Ebeth, I'm happy this is helping you. That was my purpose in sharing this to help educate and inform others in a truthful manner. You won't hear this from the secular press and our clergy are limited in what they can say from the pulpit.

I have been following Barack Obama for sometime now. As a former IL citizen, I attended all the debates between Obama and Keyes when I lived in IL and I know him like I know the back of my hand. He pretends he is Christian and has the gall to call himself an "instrument of God", but what "god" is he worshipping? It is definitely not the same God that you and I worship.

Our God does not support the destruction of human life nor does he support homosexuality. He condemns these activities. The Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Papal Encyclicals tell us these things are wrong. Even natural law condemns them.

How can Obama be the "Christian" he claims to be when he doesn't even know the 10 commandments to be able differentiate between right and wrong? He doesn't even follow the basic teachings in the Bible and through his actions is responsible for the deaths of babies in "his own backyard"?

I also want to add, as a constituent of IL, I wrote letters to Obama many times and not once did he or his staff respond to any of my letters nor did they respond to the letters of any one I knew who wrote him about legislation. However, his colleague, Senator Dick Durbin from IL consistently answered my correspondence. Obama has never cared about his constituents' opinions as a Senator and still doesn't. He is only concerned about power and they way he plans on getting to the top is by allowing himself to be the puppet of the democratic party - by automatically voting against pro-life, pro-family legislation.

Can you imagine someone like this becoming our President?

Bridgesketcher4fun15 said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't imagine him becoming our president!!!! As a fifteen-year-old, I'm thinking of what it could be like when I can vote and I know that I have no say in the matter! I think all those rumors that we are going to overpopulate the world are ridiculous!!! Even those facts about how P.P.'s clientele being half African American though the African American percentage of the US population doesn't seem to faze Obama. I don't really want to be one of the few people in my generation!!! And what will happen to me or my children when I want to start a family?!?!? What if Obama became president and I wanted to be a doctor? OH no! not if I have to kill babies! Ready about what this guy wants for this country is like looking at the devils personal agenda! Maybe I'll move to Mexico...God Bless