Monday, October 08, 2007

Movie Review: Bella

Have you ever watched a movie that makes you laugh, and cry, that nearly breaks your heart, and then melts it? This is Bella, a film filled with complex emotion and turmoil, but also with much joy and finally, peace.

Bella is the story of a waitress (Tammy Blanchard) employed at a posh family restaurant in New York who learns that she is pregnant and how her life is changed by the cook (Eduardo Verástegui) who wants so much to help her and to heal his own inner turmoil at the same time. It is the story of life and death, of love and fear, forgiveness and healing.

This film is cutting edge and the acting is amazing. It is a story that all of us can relate to no matter what our experiences have been in this life. This is a film with power behind it and that power is the truth, the gift of love, and respect for human life.

You'll love the music and ladies, it will be hard to keep your eyes off the star of this film (Eduardo Verástegui). Not only is he an attractive and extremely competent actor, but he is one who has had a conversion experience, and this film is the fruit of that experience. This is a movie that will transform your life and keep you thinking. You can't help but love Bella! It is a must-see movie!

My rating A+

Note: I was privileged to preview this film, as it has not yet arrived in Kansas. I am looking forward to seeing it again and again - it is that good! To me, Bella was just as powerful as The Passion of the Christ.

Go here to see the trailer.


Barb, sfo said...

Jean, I have seen SO much good stuff about this movie.
Since you've seen it, I want to ask: what ages is this movie appropriate for? My children are ages 15, 11 and 5.
Thanks :)

Jean M. Heimann said...


I would take your fifteen year-old, but I think it might be a little too much for the 11 year old. When we went to the preview, there were teenagers there who seemed to be ok with it, and this is something I think teenagers need to see.

It's a judgement call as far as the 11 year old is concerned. How mature is your 11 year old? The film is like an emotional roller coaster. It's a drama which includes frank discussion of pregnancy, abortion and adult relationships. It includes family conflict as well as flashbacks of a traumatic accident scene. There are scenes which may be emotionally upsetting to the 11 year old. It's your call.

I say definitely No for the five year old.

Barb, sfo said...

Thanks for the info. My daughter thinks she is more mature than she is (sigh) so I think we're better off having her wait a year or so before seeing this movie.