Monday, October 22, 2007

Zogby: Half Would Never Vote for Hillary for President

While she is winning wide support in nationwide samples among Democrats in the race for their party’s presidential nomination, half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new Zogby Interactive poll shows.

The online survey of 9,718 likely voters nationwide showed that 50% said Clinton would never get their presidential vote. This is up from 46% who said they could never vote for Clinton in a Zogby International telephone survey conducted in early March. Older voters are most resistant to Clinton—59% of those age 65 and older said they would never vote for the New York senator, but she is much more acceptable to younger voters: 42% of those age 18-29 said they would never vote for Clinton for President.
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Anonymous said...

The Democrats Against Hillary think it's unconscionable to vote for her. Watch this video to see why-

"Hillary Knew" video on youtube

Jean M. Heimann said...

Good video! That's why her middle name is Pinnochio. She gives her stand on something one day and the next day she's denying she ever said such a thing when we have it on tape.

Marie said...

Why is it whenever I raise on my own blog if Catholics would vote for a PRO-Choice Canditate who will LOWER taxes. Or vote for a PRO-Life who would RAISE taxes? I get NO response.

What do people feel is THE most important issue, to ban abortion or raise taxes?

What I have heard is that MANY Christians will vote FOR the candiate who promises to lower taxes and yet support Abortion?


I have written about my experiences as a Catholic Convert who was NOT welcomed by my former parish. My topic is WHY I stayed.

I hope you let me know your thoughts on 'View from the Pews'.

Peace to you:)

Marie...I am not American but I would NEVER vote for a Pro-Choice candidate.

Jean M. Heimann said...


They either have misplaced priorities or a very lax conscience. I suspect that most suffer from the former.

Bill said...

Hillary's big "cash cow" is the abortion industry. If she ever get into office, she will raise taxes that will drive many businesses out of business, and put a lot of people on welfare, then the liberals will control everything you do.