Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Teflon Tiller" Tries to Weasel Out Again

Via Operation Rescue: Abortionist Is “No-Show” In Hit-and-Run Case; Judge Orders Him To Appear

My Commentary:

Wichita late - term abortionist George Tiller aka "Tiller the Killer" tried once again to show to the world that he is above the law and does not have to face the consequences of his actions. Today, Tiller ignored a subpoena to appear in small claims court where he is being sued for $4,000 for a hit-and-run incident on pro-life activist Mark Gietzen last year.

However, for once, we obviously have a judge who believes in enforcing the law, instead of accepting Tiller's blood money as a bribe. Judge Steven K. Woodring told Tiller's abortion clinic security manager John Rayburn that he could not stand in for his employer, but that Tiller must appear in person like everyone else. The fact that Tiller sent this poor employee (I mean this in every sense of the word. He is notorious for underpaying his staff and for mistreating his employees.) to take his place shows how elitist he is. Can you imagine sending one of your employees to stand in for you in court for a crime you committed? What unmitigated gall! Can you imagine what would happen if the average citizen tried to pull a stunt like this?

Tiller also sent two attorneys to small claims court to request for the case to be removed from Judge Woodring's courtroom to the District Court across the street for security (???) reasons. Tiller is the criminal and he's asking a move for security reasons??!!

There are obviously many people who dislike Tiller due to his destructive behavior and criminal actions for which he consistently receives no punishment - he is the baby killer, the woman abuser, the rapist protector, the mother murderer (His actions have led to the deaths of two young mothers and countless numbers of innocent, helpless babies) so I would imagine that he does have quite a few enemies. However, most people are sickened by the mention of his name and want to avoid him like the plague. He is the one charged with a hit and run crime - purposely aiming his vehicle at Mark Geitzen - the gentle man who bravely stands outside that clinic and prays for him, the women, and the babies. (Yes, Mark is also occasionally responsible for convincing Tiller's paying customers to leave.)

Tiller must certainly feel very guilty (I pray) about the human lives he has taken and the families whose lives he has ruined, to ask for security. Just maybe somewhere deep down in his soul there is a tiny voice telling him that what he is doing is horrifying. Horrifying, yes, but unforgivable, no! God's mercy knows no bounds. It's time to repent, Tiller! Get down on your knees and be a man!


Bill said...

Hopefull this judge will uphold the law.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Let's pray together on that.