Sunday, December 30, 2007

Movie Review: Juno

Juno opened here this weekend and I went to see it this afternoon. This film really surprised me! I had heard it was good, but I had no idea that it would be so funny, and, at the same time, so touching. It was obvious from the reactions of the audience (the laughter and the tears), I was not alone in my feelings for this film.

Ellen Paige plays Juno McGruff, a brainy but zany 16 – year – old, who decides to have sex for the first time with her best friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), who is also a virgin. Naturally, she gets pregnant and after a frightening trip to the abortion clinic, Juno decides to give the baby up for adoption. At the suggestion of her girl friend Leah (Olivia Thirby), she checks out the want ads in The Penny Saver and discovers a picture – perfect couple to be the parents of her child -- Mark and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman).

When Juno breaks the news of her pregnancy to her dad and stepmom, Bren (Allison Janney) and Mac (J.K. Simmons) they react in a calm and loving manner. They are older and wiser than some teen parents and seem to be understanding and genuinely concerned about their daughter, although it is obvious that they do not condone premarital sex. They do make some very candid comments, which are hilarious, and do not seem out of synch with the rest of the movie.

Mac goes with Juno to visit the would – be adoptive parents who, in addition to looking like celebrities, live in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, and are obviously more than capable of financially providing for the child. However, as Juno gets to know them better – she discovers their ideal relationship is not what it appears to be.

As we travel through the nine month journey with Juno, we learn that her wisecracks and jokes are a cover-up for her true feelings – deeper feelings she has about the pregnancy and the baby, the pain she is going through, and her feelings for Paulie. She is a sensitive, loving, unselfish young woman who faces the truth, thinks it through, and deals with it accordingly. We see the growth and maturity that takes place within her as a result of this experience.

This is a film I would like to watch again to laugh again, to cry again, to listen to the music again, and to analyze just a bit more. I enjoyed it that much and I think you will, too.

I give it 4 out of 4 stars and give it an A rating.

Juno" has been nominated for three Golden Globes, including best comedy, best actress in a comedy and best screenwriter.

This movie is rated PG – 13.

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TB said...

I agree, I thought it was a pretty good movie.

Anonymous said...

This movie had me laughing out loud. My husband and I enjoyed it so much! We both want to see it again.
Enjoyed your review!

SAHM Catholic Mom said...

I saw the movie last night, and being a new Mom myself and being a life long prolifer, I thought the movie was very good and I loved it. It made me cry, it made me proud of the character for her deciding to keep the baby, and it made me want to promote the movie to many young women that I know. I can not believe that something so good came out of hollywood, which I commonly see as the promoters of the culture of death. I would tell anyone I know with young adults to see this movie!

Cirrus said...

Hi. :) I saw Juno a while back and it blew my mind. I loved the quirky characters, the funny comments and the awesome music. The whole abortion issue was interesting too, being a strong pro-lifer, and I loved your review on it. I was wondering if you could give me an idea on how to get my blog well-known like yours. Mine is aimed at Catholic Youth who are still in school, and just a source of guidance of how to cope. Any form of response would be nice, but don't worry about it :) thanks anyway