Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today's Intercessory Prayers

Today during my Holy Hour in Eucharistic Adoration I prayed for the following intentions: (Please feel free to join me in praying for these special intentions.)
For the special intentions of the Holy Father.
For the priests, brothers, and seminarians I have spiritually adopted and for all deacons, that they will emulate St. Stephen in his strong faith and love of the Lord.
For the special intentions of Fr. J.M.
That our country and our world will show, through their actions, a deep respect for the sanctity of all human life.
For the closing of all abortion mills, especially Tiller's late - term abortion mill in Wichita.
For world peace and the safety of our military.
For those who are suffering in any way that God will fill them with His peace and comfort and give them the graces to to persevere on the path that He is leading them.
For Linda W. and Sue who are both in advanced stages of cancer.
For John, the father of 10, who is in the hospital with a brain aneurysm and just had another heart attack.
For Mike and Michael that God will guide them and lead them Home.
For special blessings for Maureen and Henry.
For M., who committed suicide, and for healing for his grieving family.
For the healing for W.H., who is recovering from surgery.
For Susan and Heinz, whose 14 - year - old cat passed away on Christmas Day.
For all the special intentions at One Came Back.
For Bill's special intentions.
For the intentions of all my readers.

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Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Many thanks for all those intentions..i will join in prayer..