Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Intentions

Today was a desert day for me -- a day of prayer and and a time of drawing closer to the Lord. Although I was ill with an FMS /OA flare, I was able to make it to Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration today. I prayed for the following special intentions: (Please feel free to join me in prayer.)

For the special intentions of the Holy Father.

For the Priests and the Brothers I have spiritually adopted.

For healing for Linda, who injured her ankle and leg in an accident.

For continued healing for Maureen, who sprained her ankle.

For a special intention for Al.

For the repose of the soul of Ebeth's father-in-law and for peace and comfort for the family.

For E., a young woman who will be entering the Church this Easter, for all the graces she needs at this time to draw close to the Lord.

For L.'s special intention.

For Marcel's prayer requests.

For B. and a resolution to a work conflict.

For Sister Patricia's 11 year old nephew, Jon, who went on a school sking trip and has been missing.

For an end to abortion and all sins against life.

For justice in the Tiller case.

For wisdom for the voters in the 2008 Presidential election.

For M. who has been dealing with chronic pain and multiple sources of stress - that God's healing touch and tender compassion will fill her heart with peace.

For all those who feel rejected and unwelcome by their community to experience the love, support, and compassion of others.

For softening of S.'s heart - that it will be filled with love and mercy.

For healing for M. of all past hurts and for a return to her faith.

For C., a young woman who is coming home from the hospital to die.

For healing for G. of cancer.

For a local support group for C.

For M. & H.'s marriage.

For hope for all those who are in despair at this time.

For world peace and an end to terrorism.

For the homeless, the hungry, and the unemployed.

For all the special intentions at One Came Back.

For all previous prayer intentions mentioned here.

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Ebeth said...

Thank you Jean for your wonderful friendship and love especially during this time. I feel your prayers and am comforted.

Hugs and prayers back!