Friday, February 15, 2008

John McCain Pro-death; funded by George Soros

After reading these posts about George Soros funding Senator John McCain since 2001: at WorldNetDaily, Causa Nostrae Laetitiae, and Catholics for Huckabee, there is no way I could ever vote for Republican John McCain if he is chosen as the Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential election.
Hillary, Obama, and McCain are basically on the same team -- they're all pro-death.

Be sure to check out today's WND editorial: Who's the real John McCain? It is eye-opening and also offers some good advice.

EWTN Raymond Arroyo's The World Over has also solidly confirmed that John McCain is not pro-life, but is pro-death. Check out the video below.


Bill said...

I was not sure about John McCain before, but with George Soros in his corner, there is no way I am voting for him. If there is no 3rd party candidate, I will not vote for President.

Esther said...

This is very scary considering all the money he has spend on undermining our country via the Democratic party, the Daily Kos, etc.

Jean M. Heimann said...

It's no wonder the Holy Spirit kept making me feel so uneasy about John Mc Cain.

To me, the name George Soros is synonymous with criminal and "culture of death".

The Republican party has a serious problem in the upcoming election if they don't get a nominee who is both pro-life and pro-family -- to me that's what the party should represent. Otherwise, what's the difference between the parties?

Someone from the Republican party phoned tonight and my dh told them he wouldn't contribute one cent to the Republican party as long as John McCain was their candidate. Why do they need our money anyway when they have George Soros backing McCain?