Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Operation Rescue: 30 Years Ago Today… Abortion Profiteers Exposed

On February 13, 1978, the Chicago Sun-Times, aided by pro-life activist Joe Scheidler, published the first of a seven part series titled “Abortion Profiteers” that exposed unsafe and downright horrifying conditions at Chicago area abortion mills.

The result?

Two abortion mills were closed, one abortionist lost his license and a grand jury convened to investigate them further.


GrannyGrump said...

Cool! I'll come post links to the dead women they featured, along with various examples of the quackery.

My Kid's Mom said...

Jean - I'm an adoptive mom of two teenage girls. My oldest daughter is almost twenty and studying to be a nurse. This term, she is taking a speech class, and yesterday she gave her "persuasive" speech on choosing adoption over abortion. I didn't voice this to her beforehand, but I was wondering how the professor and her classmates would respond to her speech, given the pervasive attitude on college campuses about "women's rights". Sara went into class very well prepared, with very graphic photos of fetuses who had been aborted. At the end of the speech, her final remark that the reason she was so passionate about being against abortion was because she could have been another statistic if her birth mom had chosen to terminate the preganancy - but instead, her birth mom had given her life. She said she then wouldn't have been given the opportunity to make her mark in the world, or to give this speech to her class. She told me that the class was very silent, and the professor then said "you've given a very good speech". I was SO proud of her. I pray that perhaps she made an impact on some of those students who may come to find themselves with an "unwanted" pregnancy.

On another note, I am asking that you keep my other daughter in your prayers. She is still suffering from the psychological effects of severe harrasment/bullying from her previous schoolmates of 4 years ago, and she's in a lot of pain right now and very vulnerable. THank you.

GrannyGrump said...

Arnold Bickham was one of their featured abortionists, a real piece of work. He ran Water Tower Reproductive Center. Then there was David Aberman, who worked at the notorious Biogenetics.

Dead women whose stories they uncovered included Sharon Floyd, Diane Smith, and Dorothy Brown.