Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's Intercessory Prayers

Today, I am praying for the following intentions:

For the Bride of Christ, the Church, that we may always stay true to our Baptismal promises.

For the special intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

For world peace, and an end to terrorism, abortion, and violence.

For Ebeth's father - in - law, Chet, who was taken to the hospital with a low grade fever, dehydration, and lethargy.

For God's love and peace to be poured out into the heart of Bill today, as he faces new challenges and responsiblities in his work place. For a special intention.

For healing for Maureen, who suffered injuries in a recent accident, for her marriage, and for a return to her faith.

For conversion and healing for Michael and his son.

For all the prayer intentions at One Came Back.

For God's justice in the Tiller case and for Tiller's conversion.

For the conversion of the hearts of all who are ensnared in the culture of death.

For the poor, hungry, and homeless, that through the charity of others, their needs will be met.

That the fear that exists within the hearts of so many today be replaced with love and hope in the future as they surrender their fears to Our Lord and Savior.

For all previous prayer intentions mentioned here.


Ebeth said...

Oh Jean, Thanks for the prayers! My father-in-law died last night peacefully and without further endurance of his present condition.

Thanks so very much for your friendship


Jean M. Heimann said...


I am so sorry. May he rest in peace!

I'm lifting up you and your family in prayer for peace and comfort.