Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Improved Undercover Tiller Video Back Online

Caution: Graphic Images

An improved copy of the undercover video of Wichita, KS late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, filmed by Students for Life of America, at a Feminist Majority Foundation event in Washington, D.C. held at the National Education Association headquarters earlier this month is now online.

The video shows Tiller making incriminating comments and shockingly displaying photos of babies he has aborted.

In this video you will hear Tiller:

  • Say he has done late abortions up to the day before delivery
  • Show photos he collected of the dead bodies of babies he aborted
  • Admit he never heard of the Federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act
  • Describe babies with handicaps as burdens on women and society

    The previous video had been taken down because of poor audio quality and hard to read subtitles. Those issues have been resolved.

Via Operation Rescue.

My Comments: It's just incredible that the National Education Assn. is supporting Tiller in this way - they have always been a liberal group, but to celebrate the slaughter of innocent children by the baby butcher who proudly displays his "achievements" (the babies he has murdered) blows my mind!

What is wrong with these women who are hugging, applauding and giving Tiller a standing ovation for butchering babies and maiming their mothers and destroying families? They are victims of the culture of death in our society (who have bought into the lies of and deception of our decadent society) and desperately need our prayers. It is only through our continued proclamation of the truth -- through education, our witness, and by standing up for the right to life -- that we will win them over. Loving them as Christ loves them is the way we will draw them out of the darkness and into the light of His truth. Let's pray for them in a special way this Good Friday.

Michelle at Unborn Word of the Day offers a beautiful prayer in her post Abortion mill: this is our Calvary, where Christ is being crucified today in our midst.

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I watched that..well done to them for getting the clip..