Monday, April 21, 2008

Fire Bill Maher

by Judie Brown

When we launched our new website,, we had no idea that it would generate so much interest! In fact we launched the site just hours before Mr. Maher was allegedly going to apologize for the awful comments he made about Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church.

I suppose that you heard about these comments but, in case you did not know what Mr. Maher said on April 11, here is a précis for you:

Bill Maher called the Catholic Church "a child-abusing religious cult."
Bill Maher lied when he said Pope Benedict "used to be a Nazi."
Bill Maher said the Catholic Church is "the Bear Stearns of organized pedophilia."
Bill Maher libelously alleged that before becoming pope, Benedict "wrote a letter instructing every Catholic bishop to keep the sex abuse of minors secret until the statute of limitations ran out."
Bill Maher said that the Catholic Church's attitude is, "We're here, we're queer, get used to it."

A video clip of his rant, which lasted three minutes, is on the website noted above. So last Friday night everyone watched – well, not everyone because most of us had already canceled our HBO subscriptions – hoping that a humble apology would be forthcoming. Well, forget it!

As we pointed out in our Saturday press release, Maher was recalcitrant. He did not apologize but instead used the opportunity to heap more scathing commentary onto what is already a disastrous, not to mention unacceptable, situation. We have no alternative other than to continue to recruit organizations to join with us in demanding that Maher be fired and to do all we can to expose this hate speech for precisely what it is: anti-Catholic bigotry of the worst kind.

I note that William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said today that, "We accept Maher’s apology for accusing the pope of being a Nazi. Too bad he didn’t stop there ... It would be great if Maher gave up his Catholic-bashing obsession once and for all.”

We at American Life League invite Mr. Donohue to join with us. While we, for obvious reasons, did not accept a single word of Maher’s non-apology, we would welcome the Catholic League’s assistance in our campaign to see that Maher is taken off the air, period.

We also ask that you invite your family and friends join with us. So please, if you know people who subscribe to HBO, urge them to cancel their subscription. They can take the money they save and donate it to a pro-life cause. Ask them to visit and sign the petition. Ask them to pray that Time-Warner gets the message and has the decency to remove Maher from the airwaves sooner rather than later.

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Golden Threads said...

Catholics should not be incensed about the remarks made by Bill Maher about the pope and the Catholic church

There will always be a pope and a Catholic church long after Bill Maher is gone.

"Thou are Peter and upon this Rock I will build my church."

Anonymous said...

If we are not to be offended, let him say that about other religions, like the Muslims.