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Abortionist Tiller Snaps, Runs His Jeep into Pro-lifer: DA Refuses to Charge Him

Nola Foulston

Wichita, KS -- On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office informed Mark Gietzen, Chairman of KCFL, (The Kansas Coalition for Life), that they would NOT bring any charges against Abortionist Tiller, in connection with the vehicular assault that occurred on April 5, 2006.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston is the close personal friend of Wichita's late-term abortionist George Tiller.

The decision was made in spite of the fact that Wichita Police obtained security camera images of the incident, which clearly show Tiller running his vehicle into Gietzen on the evening of April 5th, while Gietzen and a KCFL on-site volunteer, Randy Blasi, were standing at the edge of Tiller’s driveway, on the east gutter of Bleckley Street.

The District Attorney’s Office gave no logical explanation for their decision. However, Assistant District Attorney, Kim Parker, told Mark that she had no way of knowing whether Tiller hit him, or whether he hit Tiller’s vehicle.

This is a disingenuous concern, as the series of images, which were taken by Tiller’s security cameras, completely answer this question for Kim. There is no ambiguity whatsoever. Gietzen and Blasi are shown in a stationary position, in each frame, as Tiller’s vehicle approaches and hits Mark.

In spite of what the images show, Kim was unmoved after viewing the images, and maintained that Tiller will not be charged …regardless of what the evidence shows.

Gietzen and Blasi in the approximate position that they were in, when Tiller excessively accelerated his Jeep Grand Cherokee and aimed it directly at them, braking only at the last minute, hitting Mark, and nearly hitting the Truth-truck. Tiller never stopped.

In any case, there is a lot more to this story...

Tiller was angry with Mark and Randy, because on the day before the vehicular assault, Randy had been kneeling in prayer on the approximate one-square-foot block of concrete gutter that Mark is pointing to, in the photo above.

On that day, April 4, 2006, one of Tiller’s employees came out, and harassed Randy. She drove down the center of the driveway, (where no one normally drives, because they must turn either left or right when exiting), and stopped a foot or two in front of Randy. Randy was in a kneeling position, praying. She then repeatedly blew her car-horn, in long rude bursts. After awhile, seeing that Randy would not budge, she backed up, put her car back in its parking stall, and walked back inside.

Other background items that made Tiller so mad that he “snapped” are:

(1) Tiller had lost all of his legal attempts to get rid of the Crosses that we set every day at his facility. Our First Amendment Rights prevailed!

(2) Tiller failed in his attempt to prevent us from holding the overhead banner, (see homepage top photo, And,

(3) Tiller lost in the battle over sidewalk chalk, i.e. we had a letter from the City Law Department ready and waiting when Tiller’s security guard called the police the first time we used the sidewalk chalk.

The point is that Tiller was in no mood to yield this one-foot-square of Bleckley Street gutter, for us to kneel and pray. He had enough! His patience had run out!

Nevertheless, if it had been Gietzen, who intentionally hit Tiller with a motor vehicle, (and in the Small Claims Court hearing Tiller did not deny that he intentionally hit Mark,) Gietzen would undoubtedly be sitting in jail today, serving time on an attempted murder charge.

For additional background information and more photos, see some of the details in the failed Small Claims Case on this matter:

For reference, the original Police Report is filed under Case Number: 06C024737.

The Small Claims Court case was dismissed due to the statute-of-limitations being one-year, and not two years as Mark had been advised. However, that limitation only applies to the civil damage claim, and not to the criminal aspects of this case.

The timing of this announcement, at the height of the Democrat National Convention, may have been designed to minimize media attention, or it could have been just a coincidence.

The citizens of Wichita are becoming increasingly aware that the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office has two sets of standards; one set for friends with deep pockets, and another set of standards for everybody else.

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